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  1. Default Hydra treatment killing my snails

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    Hello everyone, I recently treated a hydra infestation in my aquarium with fenbendazole. I read that fenbendazole kills nerite snails so i placed my horned nerite snails in a seperate tank during the treatment. After the successful treatment I placed carbon in my filter and did a 25% water change every two days for two weeks, i then placed my nerite snails back in the aquarium and within two days they were dead. I left it another 3 weeks with some more carbon and more frequent water changes i finally added some red spotted nerite snails two days ago. However they are exhibiting the same symptoms as the previous snails did before they died, e.g they remained in the same spot for hours and was relatively inactive compared the the normal activity level of healthy snails. I'm guessing that the fenbendazole is still present in the tank somehow, may be in the algae that the snails eat?

    How long would i have to wait for the fenbendazole to be completely gone before adding more nerite snails?

    is there another type of snail that is as effective as nerite snails for algae clean up which is not affected by fenbendazole?

    My tank is 10 gallon and my water paramenters are
    ammonia= 0
    nitrate= 0

    these are like that because i do regular 25% water changes every 2 or 3 days, the only other tank inhabitants are red cherry shrimp so the bioload is extremely low and it is a very heavily planted tank with lots of javamoss, dwarf hairgrass, maramino moss balls and an anubias congensis as the main feature plant. The red cherry shrimp were in the tank during the whole of the treatment and were not affected by it.
    thanks for your help :)

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    Could some of the meds have gotten soaked up by your substrate ? Or maybe in some pours decorations ? Could this med contain copper ?

    Maybe try some gravel vacs as well

    Just a guess on my par tho.
    If you take your time to do the research FIRST, you can successfully set-up and keep ANY type of aquarium with ease.
    "Not using a quarantine tank is like playing Russian roulette. Nobody wins the game, some people just get to play longer than others." - Anthony Calfo
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  3. Default

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    No there is no copper in the treatment. Im abit hesitant with vacuming the gravel as I have a lot of baby shrimp and dont want to suck them up but if it will help ill give it a try.
    My main guess is that the algae soaked up a lot of the med as the more the snails eat of it, the worse they get.

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    Perhaps your filter media absorbed the medication. Did you use new charcoal? Charcoals usefulness is gone in a couple of weeks. Better charcoals a bit longer. Perhaps you should have removed the plant that had the hydra and treated it outside of the tank?

  5. Default

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    yea i custom made a pouch of charcoal to fit just before the filter outlet so all the water passing through the filter went through the charcoal, i also place a similar pouch just after the inlet for extra measure. After finishing the treatment i replaced both with new charcoal pouches, only then did i place the snails back in.
    The infestation was quite severe and would have meant i would have had to take out every single bit of vegetation and disturbing the extensive root system my plants have made. I believe this would have done more harm than good so I chose to take the snails out during treatment instead.

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