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    Default newbie snail questions including snail sex

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    I have a 1-yr old, fairly densely planted, 12 gallon fluval edge community tank.
    7-10 day 30% water changes when parameters tested, & they were always great.
    Had 1 betta & 10 rasboras, then bought zebra nerite so I'd have an algae eater.

    About 3 months ago I first got pond snails after buying some new plants even tho I rinsed plants before installing in tank. LFS where I bought the plants then gave me a couple of medium sized assassins. The pond snails continued to increase, so LSF gave me a large assassin & threw in a little one for good measure.

    Each time I think time to collect the assassins and give them to someone else cause their food source is gone, another round of small pond snails begins...

    in addition, two of assassins will latch on to each other for days, then break apart but be back together again, then repeat cycle. Is this normal? Does it indicate reproduction or perhaps that they don't have enough food?

    Any suggestions?


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    A couple of assassins in a 12 gallon should be plenty to keep pond snails under control. But it takes time and they won't be wiped out overnight. Just let them do their work and soon enough, you won't see the pest snails.

    I have assassins breeding in a 25 gallon tank and I never see any pest snails, so I believe the assassins must eat leftover food also. I even have a nerite in there, as well as in another tank with assassins, that have been around for about a year and the assassins have never touched them.

  3. Default

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    Assassins latching on to another would be mating. The is no need to get rid of them after the pond snails are gone. They will subsist on leftover food and mung,their babies and new pond snails that you bring in with plants.

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    Thanks for responses.
    So when you say a "couple" of assassins are you using that as in literally two or just being colloquial? Another words is four assassins not too many for 12 gallon tank?
    Thx again.

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    You can stick with the four. Two may have been sufficient, but four will not do any harm at all. These may start breeding but they breed very slowly and spend a lot of their time under the substrate, especially the babies. I really hate snails, especially MTS, but I've grown fond of my assassins and I don't mind these at all.

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