Hey guys!

After watching my Neon school dwindle a little bit I've come to the decision not to replinish the group as it dies off. Don't get me wrong, I like them very much. I think I'm just ready to try something else. Of course I'd also hate to spend money replinishing if my Angels decide to go nuts on them when they reach sexual maturity.

So here I am trying to figure out what to replace them with. I'll need something that is easily compatible with the stock list in my signature. I want to stay away from the colors red and orange. This is because I already have a good size school of Serpaes, and I don't want the tank to be one note.

When I figure out what I want I'll grab me a medium sized school of them (about 8), and then add one for every Neon that croaks. That way I'll keep from over crowding.

Suggestions please!