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  1. Default Honey Gourami won't eat

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    Hello good people. I have a question please. I bought a honey gourami about seven to ten days ago. I have a 20 gallon freshwater tank, sparsely planted with live plants and a medium sized stone stucture that I bought primarily as a hiding place. The problem is that the gourami won't eat. He hides in the corner of the tank while my other three

    platys and one guppy consume it art. The most I have ever seen the gourami us catch one of the Omega One pellets an spit it back out.

    thanks for reading this.

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    Is your tank cycled?
    How long was it running with the other fish in it before introducing the gourami?
    Is it possible that the gourami is eating leftovers after the lights are out?
    Have you noticed if the other fish chase it if it tries to swim a bit?

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    honey gouramis are really really really shy fish. in my experience they only feel comfortable in very heavily decorated tanks with extra emphasis on lots of surface vegetation.
    and even then my honey gourami still is a shy and slow feeder. I would not keep them with vigorous feeders like livebearers.
    I would recommend either finding the gourami a new home, or making the tank as suitable for it as possible, that is, cramming in as much live or plastic plants that go all the way to the surface as possible,
    possibly rehoming any aggressive feeders if the gourami still cannot compete, and pre-soaking food until it is soft. a hard chunk of pellet is as unpalatable as a rock to a small fish, regardless of ingredients.

  4. Default

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    I will probably return the honey gourami to the LFS. what other species of fish can I put in a 20 gallon FW tank with three platys that won't be too shy to eat his/her fair share of the food, unlike my honey gourami

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    What about a school of tetras? You'd fit 8-10 or so small tetras of the same species in there nicely. Eg. Rummynose, Cardinals, Neons, Silver-tip, Harlequin Rasbora. You could also add another 2 guppies to make your resident guppy feel more comfortable too -- guppies are social and like to have friends. :) Ideally you should have them all the same gender though so you don't get over-run with babies.

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