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    Question Dwarf Gourami Help

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    Alright, here it goes! I am new to aquariums. I have only had mine for about five months now. Before that I took care of my parents aquarium which they have had almost a year. As for the tank that I have now, it is a 10g. with a filter rated for up to 20g. The tank is lightly planted, but within a couple weeks I would like to have it at least moderately planted.
    I feel like I should give you a little bit of backstory before I come to the issue at hand. My parents aquarium has some green neon tetras, a blue gourami, and until recently a dwarf gourami...both gourami I believe to be males. They also have a 10g.
    My tank had a male betta (I felt sorry for him laying there in those little cups at walmart), a ghost shrimp, who was eaten by the betta, and five golden white cloud mountain minnows, and an african dwarf frog. My betta this day I do not know why and I was left with just the white clouds. I bought a new ghost shrimp. The blue gourami was always chasing the dwarf gourami and I believe nipped at him. Well because I had peaceful fish I told them I'd take him. He is as old as the tank is and fully grown. He was fine with the others, and having read they are so peaceful I didn't think it would be a problem if I got another fish so I got a red wag platy. They have been together three days. The first day or so the platy would swim around he pretty much stays in a corner of the tank because when he does venture out the dwarf gourami chases him. I believe he has nipped his doesn't appear to be serious damage and the platy is too quick for him. What I would like to know is what I should do? Should I send the gourami back to my parents, who have planted their tank and has more decor than before? I love the platy and if having a second one might help, I'm thinking safety in numbers here. But I humbly ask for your advice. Also, when it comes to how many fish I have, I understand that the white clouds need colder temps, I was told by the lady at the store it was okay, not that it is an excuse, but I asked her several times if she was sure. Also, one white cloud died at the hands of a five year old. He got into the tank when I wasn't in the room. I have used aqadvisor to help me stock the tank and generally search online to back what it says up. And I do plan on not getting anymore white clouds unless I have a colder tank setup. I am trying so hard to get this right!

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    Ok few things

    The blue gourami is most likely a blue dwarf gourami, and these guys can only be 1 per tank (no matter what you see at the pet store)

    Also, for a 10g tank. I really don't think a platy is a good choice. I would recommend the dwarf gourami and a school of dwarf cories

    I would recommend returning the platy and white clouds and starting with just the dwarf gourami for now - he will be much happier that way. The dwarf gouramis are almost like bettas in that they don't like other fish like them, they take ownership of there area, and like to be left alone

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    Do you think that chili rasboras would be a good replacement for the white clouds? I wonder if petco will take them back.

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    dwarf gouramis are unpredictable as community fish. some say they work great, most people i have heard say they are bullies. if you want the gourami in the 10 gallon,
    keep it alone. the tank is not large enough for another species that shares the gourami's swimming space. a species that can withstand the bullying will grow too big, and a species small enough to fit
    in with the gourami will be bullied. the only bottom dwellers(plecos, cories, etc) that would fit in a 10 gallon are dwarf cories, again, small enough to be a target of bullying.

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    +1 to the unpredictable. Mine was a bully until he ran into someone that would stand up to him. My rams and him bicker once in awhile

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    okay great. thanks for you help guys. I think I'm going to find a new place for the gourami, because I really like the platy so much. So far since I posted the question on here the gourami has been leaving the platy alone, and appears to be hanging in and out of his vase. Only saw him chase him once, just to get him away from the vase. Someone told me somewhere that it might take a little while for the gourami to get used to the platy and for the platy to realize where he should not go in the tank. Do you guys think that's true? I figure I could give it a whole week, including the last three days, and see? If he is still bullying the platy I can probably find a place for him to go.

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