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Or even an RO unit and holding tank.

Allison, look into shell dwelling cichlids. Lots of personalities and they live in colonies. There's some rock breeding species that could be mixed.
Well, talldutchie, I really did glance at shellies when you posted this and they just did not impress me. So I moved on.

Not sure what has changed now... but I now find multies and brevis adorable!

And as a practical issue, I could start out with a smaller investment - in cost, space, and time. This would allow me to see if fish keeping was something I really wanted to do. I'm envisioning something like a 20L.

The videos of multies makes them seem like they have a bit more personality. However I think brevis look more interesting. Brevis might do some of their own population control, whereas multies seem prolific. Not sure which one would be easier to purchase.