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    Exclamation Mysterious Deaths Clueless to what to do.

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    In my african cichlid tank im having these mysterious deaths that im lost on what to do or what to treat. Water levels are fine with no ammonia no nitrite and about 40ppm nitrate. Not to make this a long post here is the pattern to what my fish do before they die. Its really basic but i dont know why its happening but they will not eat and then a few days some time a few hours i will catch them fighting for their lives as they swim like they have no control by running into the rocks and glass and then they die soon after. I havent been consistent with my feeding schedule someone please tell me this is it as i will feed them one day early and then not feed them until at night the next day only once then sometimes i will fast them for about two days am i messing up their stomachs ? because each fish that dies has no signs of nothing before they go no nipped fins which would lead to bullying in my kind of tank.if im dealing with something eternal what should i treat my tank with ? i have prazi pro but not sure if thats the appropriate medicine. So far ive lost 4 fish 2 being my most beautiful ones and the other two with potential. This issue really saddens me since i dont know the cause please help. And again can a non consistent feeding schedule kill my fish ? Reason for the inconsistency is im always trying to achieve that crystal clear water and it comes and goes so i catch my self trying to preserve that with only feeding once a day and some time skipping meals.
    110g All Male Peacock/Hap Tank

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    I can't see your feeding schedule messing them up that bad. In the wild fish have to put effort into eating, sometimes food is scarce. But I usually feed my fish within a window of a few hours everyday, out of habit. In some farm animal vitamin deficiencies, such as B12 for example, can cause some weird behaviors. I don't know if it is the same for fish.
    Hope you get it fixed soon, that is a real bummer.
    When in d0ubt read it until it makes sense, then read it again!

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    Nitrates are rather high. What's the nitrate on your tap water after it has been sitting for 24 hours.

    Feeding, I doubt it but which fish do you have and what do you feed?

    Anything new recently in the tank that might have introduced a virus or parasite?

    Are you losing all species or a single one?

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    Hi there,

    Have you checked the pH/hardness of the water? The wrong pH can weaken fish (sadly, I know from experience).

    If it were my tank, I'd do a water change and try and keep nitrates below 20ppm. That could well be your problem, we had a goldfish recently pass away from nitrate poisoning.

    I would discount the feeding regime as I've read fish are opportunistic predators in the wild.

    All the best and good luck,

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    African cichlids generally have a relatively low tolerance to fluctuations in hardness and PH. If that is the issue you'd expect to see pretty much the whole tank in stress.

    Still, it's indeed a possible cause.

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    From the description, it sounded like a constipated fish which manifested into Swim Bladder Disease.

    Feeding your fish once per day is fine, but try feeding a well-balanced diet. Mix it up every day, so they're not eating the same things all the time. I have a few different flake foods: one is coated in garlic, one has a higher protein content, the other has a mix. Then I have smaller pellets and larger pellets and feed shelled peas every now and again (used to be once per week, but I've slacked of late).

    It sounds like you're feeding them a high protein diet, while possibly not introducing any fiber, which aids them in moving things along.
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