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  1. Default Aquarium Care During an Extended Power Outage

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    It is hurricane season again. In South Florida from June until mid-November we can be subjected to tropical storms that will create power outages lasting from a few hours to a couple of weeks. What is the best way to take care of an aquarium when the power is out for a few days? Yes, I have a generator, but in emergency situations the generator is engaged in other important functions... so lets rule that out. What are the best techniques to keep an aquarium going without power for a week?

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    Welcome to the forum

    I lost power for 4 days after hurricane sandy. All I did was dose with prime. I did not feed them because I didn't want to contribute to the amount of waste they would make. Here, the water dropped to 58 degrees - it was cold and I have electric heat. I lost a few fish, but the water was pretty cold so I'm not surprised. I didn't lose them until the 4th day - the power came back on just in time. It will probably be warmer down there, so your fish should do just fine for several days, or more if you have live plants. Battery powered aerators are a good idea - they circulate the water as well as oxygenate it, and circulating the water will help to keep the water quality up because of the bacteria living in the tank.
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    Using a 12 volt automotive battery and an inverter that turns 12 volt power into 110 I was able to keep my two 15 watt air pumps going for 6 days. This was with the batter sitting in my room. If I wanted heat I could put my inverter in my truck and plug it into my accessory plug and run a power cord 50 feet into the house. I could either idle the truck or be certain to start it every 30 minutes and run it for 10 minutes to recharge my truck battery. I also have several batteries so I could just jumper cable a battery to my truck and charge it for 20 minutes. I find the inverter works better than the generator for some things. The truck is quiet, is always tuned and always starts. A generator tends to skip several of these things on ocassion. My inverter cost $150, they make bigger ones which cost more.

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    Great idea IWA. This way you can use your truck or car as a portable generator, or take the battery out of the vehicle and take it inside. Is the inverter the type you can plug into the DC port of your truck? Thought about this myself last year during hurricane season. Both Whistler and Cobra make inverters that'll handle 2500 watts continuous or 5000 watts peak.
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    I live in a hurricane/blizzard prone area, and because of this, have back up plans engaged. Every tank, year round has one sponge air driven filter running. It runs all the time so it is a cycled sponge full of good beneficial bacteria. I keep on hand one battery driven air pump for each tank and enough batteries to last. For the heaters, I have a black and decker rechargeable power station that I plug them into. This power station can be recharged off of a running car using the cigarette lighter. This back up plan has saved my tanks several times.
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    I have one that is an 800 watt unit. It plugs into the accessory plug in the truck. You can buy a unit that automatically converts to battery back up sold as a sump pro unit. I use these units for back up power sourcing for sump pumps and flood control equipment. Sort of pricey at $2000 with batteries but it works well if you had this need. The Black and Decker unit seems like a decent unit as well, I think there were a few other companies that had units like this.

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    You can get battery powered air pumps, that runs on D batteries. That will keep the air pump going for a day. Will keep the water oxygenated. The other thing you might want to do is, take the filter media and put it into the aquarium, that way it remains wet and the bacteria in it stay alive. This is important because you don't want your tank going thru another cycle.

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    @korith, great advice regarding the filter media. I use these battery air pumps, they plug into outlet and come on if there is a disruption in power

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