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Thread: Cory Behavior?

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    Default Cory Behavior?

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    Hi All! Just got my first fish, 4 Albino bronze corys. They seem to be happy in the tank I have for now, but I have a few questions about how they're acting.

    1) Three of them are being very friendly to one another and even keep trying to include the fourth, but he (or she) seems to want very little to do with them and hides in a corner by him(or her)self. Is that normal? I know that 3 of them were in the same tank at the store and one of them wasn't, so would they maybe group up better later?

    2) One of them Has gotten him(or her)self wedge between the heater and the glass of the tank a couple times (I'm 90% certain it's the small, hyper one I've taken to calling Ringo), I rescue him (or her) within a few seconds of noticing this (I'm not 100% certain that he(or she) is actually stuck since they take off fast when I try to move the heater, but I'd rather error on the side of caution) but I don't know why s/he keeps doing that or how to stop it... is it normal? Could it hurt him/her? S/he's not down by the area that really causes the heat, but up toward the controls on it (It's a submergable).

    3) 3 of the four seem happy to just sit along the bottom of the tank and move fairly rarely, but the fourth (Ringo) seems to have too much energy. He's all over the tank, he even breached the water a couple of times, is he just energetic cuz it's a new tank or is something wrong with him?

    I took a solid hour to acclimate them to be on the safe side, 10 minutes of floating with me not messing with them at all to adjust the temperature, then 1/4 cup of water every five minutes for the next 50 minutes until the bag was nearly full, then I netted them out and set them in the water and they seemed perfectly happy. I've named them all, but currently only one of them actually has a name that is attached (Ringo), the others are George, John and Paul. Thanks so much for any help or answers you have to offer!
    1 Tank 5.5 Gal. (soon to be QT) - 1 Betta, 5 Neon Tetra, 8 Ghost Shrimp
    2 Tank 20 Gal. - Cycling! Planted!

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    Their activity level will increase as they become comfortable with their new surroundings. Its not uncommon for fish to hide when first introduced into a new tank.
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    I was expecting the shyness... I was not expecting the hyperactiveness of one individual, the anti-social actions of one individual, and the getting stuck by the heater of an individual.
    1 Tank 5.5 Gal. (soon to be QT) - 1 Betta, 5 Neon Tetra, 8 Ghost Shrimp
    2 Tank 20 Gal. - Cycling! Planted!

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    1. Some cories are more sensititve to small groups than others.
    2. So make sure you get a heater guard
    3. some are more energetic than others.

    Is there any particular reason why you've decided to get one of the biggest corydoras species for a tank with a tiny footprint instead of a dwarf species?

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    Three inches is big? Also, They aren't there permanently, only until Christmas-time-ish. The main reason I decided on them is because they're rather pretty and get along with most other fish, there's more of a concern for them being out competed for food at meal times than for them fighting with or bullying anything else from what I've read. For the moment they're in a tank with little-to-no competition, since their eventual tank mates will be a top feeding Betta and an algae eating Oto. (Once they move out a second Oto will be added in their place to keep the first from being lonely on the bottom).

    Around Christmas I'm getting a 20-30 gallon regular tank as a secondary tank and they'll be moving there along with at least one (king) tiger pleco and several other undetermined fish (there's so many to chose from it's hard to make a solid choice until I have more time).

    As for a Heater Guard, what are they and would they be available at PetsMart?
    1 Tank 5.5 Gal. (soon to be QT) - 1 Betta, 5 Neon Tetra, 8 Ghost Shrimp
    2 Tank 20 Gal. - Cycling! Planted!

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    A bigger tank around christmas sounds about right. Would allow you to get a few more so you'd have a proper school. If they breed you could use the current tank to raise the fry.

    King tiger poses a slight challenge since there's little overlap in the temperature needs of these species. 25, 26C is pretty much the sweet spot then.

    A heater guard is a protective cover that goes around the heater. It allows it to do it's work but keeps fish from actually touching it and burning themselves. You can buy a plastic one from ebay for a few bucks. I think I paid $4 for mine including shipping from China to Europe. If you're considering a king tiger pleco which is the common name for L066 I think, then I'd certainly get one. You wouldn't want such an expensive fish to hurt itself.

    Do you have sufficient cover in the tank? Plants? Decor? What's on the bottom?

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    My current tank is fully planted with what is listed in my sig + 2 hidey holes (AKA, I see more green than gravel when I look in) All but one plant is alive so they could nibble if they wanted. The fake plant is a floating bamboo for the Betta so that he'll have a place to hide near the top of the tank when he arrives. I used thrice washed white gravel with 2 bubblers in opposite corners to provide substrate and airiation... Most of them don't like the bubble-streams from the bubblers but Ringo seems to think they're his own personal rollercoasters... I think that's how he got stuck in the heater a few times (one bubbler is practically right under the heater, or it was until I moved the heater a bit to try and prevent the wedging issue)

    I don't intend to breed my fish and if any of them DO breed... well... Nature will determine what shall happen there, if anything survives; great, free fish. If nothing does, then oh well there will probably be other times. When I move them at Christmas I do intend on getting 2-3 others of the same kind... although possibly not albino just to add variety (if they'll still school with say... a melanistic or "jewel" colored bronze cory... I think the jewel ones are really green cory's but that's what the store I'm using to buy my fish called them.)

    Here's links to the two hidey holes I have in the tank (If I had more ground space I would have a third one but... I literally have no ground space left bigger than a bottle cap)
    First one - (The Cory's like to hide near the cave of this one, but they don't seem to enjoy going inside)
    Second one - (They like to go inside this one and hide in the corner where it's positioned, 2-3 on one side and the others on the other side).

    Somehow they also dug out a hollow in one of the dime-spaced open areas on the ground. They seem happy enough to rest there too, surrounded by plants and plastic rocks and such.
    1 Tank 5.5 Gal. (soon to be QT) - 1 Betta, 5 Neon Tetra, 8 Ghost Shrimp
    2 Tank 20 Gal. - Cycling! Planted!

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    Sounds good. I think if you'd sort out the heatrr guard youd have no issues

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    Can do! Thanks for the help.
    1 Tank 5.5 Gal. (soon to be QT) - 1 Betta, 5 Neon Tetra, 8 Ghost Shrimp
    2 Tank 20 Gal. - Cycling! Planted!

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    I've just noticed as they've been getting more adventurous in the tank; they tend to cling to the walls of the tank. I know albino animals often have poor eyesight so is that why? (They only do it when swimming up or down, when they're on the bottom they'll go everywhere.)
    1 Tank 5.5 Gal. (soon to be QT) - 1 Betta, 5 Neon Tetra, 8 Ghost Shrimp
    2 Tank 20 Gal. - Cycling! Planted!

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