My tank post-aquascaping attempt. Been looking at videos and pics of people doing it and just trying my hand in it really.

My tank is weird to scape with the curve front and how tall it is. Here it is anyhow for your consideration. I hope you enjoy it as I do!


-5 Bosemani Rainbow
-4 Dwarf Gourami (Two Powder Blue Dwarf Gourami)
-6 Odessa Barb

PH: 7.5
Ammonia 0.0
Nitrite 0.1
Nitrate 0.1
26 degrees centigrade stable temp


Top Fin Water Conditioner
Top Fin Bacterial Supplement


26G Fluval Bowfront Aquarium
C3 5 Stage Filter (50G)
18" T8 15 Watt Aqua Fluorescent Light
100Watt Marina Air Pump + Top Fin Disc Air Stone
150 Watt Marina Heater


-20% weekly water change of local tap (rather good quality as it turns out) with conditioner ALWAYS used.
-8 hours of light per day. On a mechanical timer.
-1/3 of gravel vacuumed each week to preserve bacterial bed.
-Filter is cleaned in stages, not all at once, and ALWAYS in dirty tank water. NEVER tap water. EVER.
-My hands are always well rinsed with hot water when working in my tank (up to my elbows) and detergents and soaps are NEVER USED.
-All ornaments/stones/woods are always boiled/baked/treated appropriately to mitigate the potential of unwanted fungus/bacteria/viruses etc.