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    I would sit down with a cold beer and watch them for half an hour. If you see them tagging into each other you know that it is caused by contact. Then treat it as it occurs. If you don't see them banging into each other, like my boys do, then I would start delving into it deeper. I don't really see this very clearly but it seems to be on one fish. I'm against just putting in meds unnecessarily too.

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    I have never medicated for any condition. Not in the two years I have had the aquarium. I generally deal with things by just keeping the chemistry in check and making temp adjustments. So far so good on that frontier.

    Yes the footage is where I actually noticed the marking and then went and checked my aquarium just to ensure it wasn't my iPhone making things look weird.

    48 hours later none of my fish are presenting symptoms and the one who is doesn't present any new markings or indications of spreading. He is responding to feedings and my presence at the glass. Swims and acts as he usually does. Is not being reclusive in any way.

    Perhaps I over-reacted to this but it's a new disease I have never yet had to combat.

    Perhaps it is just minor and due to stress and the inclusion of new fish (Odessa Barbs) and the re-arrangement of the aquarium all within just a day. I'll keep monitoring the situation as it stands. From what I have read Septicemia is fairly fast acting and needs to be caught early in order to be effectively treated. If this is false information do let me know.

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    I'm not going to give advice on your barbs - I have not kept them, but i assume that you are aware of the size they will reach. However, I have kept a school of all male rosy barbs and I must say that they would have killed each other if they weren't in a 55 gallon tank. I know it's not what you want to hear, but I'm going to share my experience with you anyway so at least you are aware. Good luck.
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