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    Default Keeping happy cories in a small footprint tank

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    Reading and reading and reading ( and wishing that I had done it sooner, but...working at it now, anyway)

    We have a tall 15 that has a peppered cory and a bronze cory so far. It is almost a month in the works and our two bottom residents have been with us a little over a week and seem to be good friends. Everything I am reading says 3 min and ideally 6+ when it comes to cory cats.

    I am pretty attached to the two that we have, but wonder if they are well enough as they are or really need a third, and if they need another friend, what type to get to ensure that no one gets left out? ( i would hate to put in a second of either type only to find one in the third wheel position, especially since the two we have are seemingly pretty bonded).

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    I kept 3 in an 8g tank with a Betta.

    They were perfectly happy because they had sand to play in :)
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    Ran out of room and time!!!

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    They need to be in large groups of the same species of cory. It would be better in the long run for the fish if you picked one and got more of that kind and returned the other kind or build a group of them in a different tank. They "seem" to have bonded because they have no choice, give them a group of their own kind and watch true bonding.
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    I agree with Honey Badger. Cories need to be kept in groups of the same species and have plenty of room to roam in order to thrive.

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    Are you open to returning them? Given the footprint of your tank, maybe go with a pygmy cory. They are smaller than any of the 2 that you have and you may be able to get away with a group of 6.
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    I was afraid that that was the answer. Do fish stores actually take back fish that have been in who knows what kind of water and put them back into community tanks for resale? Or do they smile and nod and flush them?

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    I say that if you are happy and the corys are happy, then you should keep them. Yes, it is ideal to keep them in larger schools of their own kind. But if the conditions are fine (water kept at low nitrate etc) then the corys can still be happy in their own way and live quite awhile. You will not, however, be able to see the true really fun to watch behavior that comes from bonding with corys of their own kind.
    So all I'm saying is that corys are great to watch in schools, but they still do ok if they don't have a school, just maybe a little unhappy and maybe a little lonely.
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    Responsible fish keeping is about doing the right thing. A species that exists in the wilds in groups of hunderds is suddenly kept as a single individual together with another species. Doesn't seem right to me.

    A 15 high is 20" x 10" . If there's something suitable on the bottom it would be a perfect size for a dwarf species. I'd keep 8 of those.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Greentoads41 View Post
    ... just maybe a little unhappy and maybe a little lonely.
    IMO - If you wouldn't treat your dog like this on a permanent basis.. Don't do it to the fish either.

    After all, They are in your care so either live up to the responsibility [You don't have an appropriate tank for the current corys] or return them.

    Go with dwarfs as suggested and get enough that they can be comfortable and social.
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    Also, depending on what fish store you got them from will depend what they do... I know petsmart does the "oh I'm sorry it didn't work, we will put the fish in the QT tank in the back" - aka the garbage or toilet.

    Would be better to sell them to someone on craiglist that has them

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