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Thread: ram aggresion

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    Default ram aggresion

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    lately i have been seeing my gold or german blue ram being territorial. i can not tell if it is a gold or German but i am leaning towards gold.
    whenever a platy comes to the bottom of the tank where the ram his he chases them out of there.
    she leaves the neon tetras alone though
    i have always thought of rams as very peaceful creatures.
    as the ram is my favorite fish i wont want to return her.
    and the platy is the first fish i had in this tank i dont wanna part ways.
    can this be left alone
    she does not bite but chases them away. is this too stressful for the platy

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    Rams like all cichlids, will display territorial behavior. Gold rams are the xanthistic form of blue rams and have the same temperament. Unless the ram chases the other fish constantly, I do not see it being a problem.
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    Nope. What also helps is decor that allows for clear territorial boundries. A jumble of some sticks and plants will allow the cichlid to create a home.

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    So long as the tank is big enough to allow the fish to actually get away, it should be ok. It's constant, unrelenting pursuit that stresses fish, eventually causing death.

    However, you will have to continue to keep an eye on them. Depending on the age of the ram, as it grows larger, it may claim more space. There may come a point, depending on the size of your tank, that it will claim the whole tank, and then chase fish more constantly.

    Also, from the specimens I've seen, its very easy to tell gold from german - the golds we have here are completely gold, with no black markings. German blue rams have black on them.

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    agree to all above. Since the platy generally swims in the upper range of the tank and the rams prefer to bottom, it should be okay.
    From personal experience, however, I have seen one ram turn on another ram. It started chasing it relentlessly and nipping at it's tail. Over night, it had nipped almost all of the smaller ram's tail off. i had to move on to another tank. Feisty little creatures. (The tail did grow back BRW)
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    this happens almost every time she spots them in the bottom.
    the tank is a planted 20 gallon tank.
    i am going to see what happens and leave it.

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    Some cichlids have diff. personalities I've had really mellow jack dempseys and some that were insanely aggro towards tank mates as an example. Some of it is just luck the rest is like previous posters said territory and size.
    Long time fish keeper most experience with CA/SA cichlids, natives like sunfish, and aggressive catfish.
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    okay now i think it is getting real aggressive.
    it use to be whenever she spotted the platy it would just chase it a bit.
    now it kinda is trying to find the platy, and if he does he tries to nip it. a few times she did.
    this still happens near the bottom but my platy seem to like to chill there.
    i think i will have to remove the platy (like the ram better).
    if i do remove the platy can i add another ram?

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    also if not another ram what can i add that has a bold personality and some nice colors too

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    you can't add another ram to your set up.

    so you have to fix what you have-remove the platy or remove the ram.

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