Hey i have a 100 gallon tank that i feel look quite empty as of now currently it's going 3 angels 4 keyhole cichlids 1 ancistrus going to add 2-3 more that a friends holds for me then it goes a BGK in there.

As i stated before the tank looks a bit empty so i wonder if there is anything else i can add in to make it look more full. I also have 8 Hasemania nana and 5 Corydoras sterbai the tetras are only going there for the remainder of their lives since i don't like them but i also don't feel like killing them is the right choice. The BGK are going to go in the future im holding it for a friend but he needs to be about 10-15" before he can move to survive in the tank hes going in. The corydoras are also going to increase but have yet to find any sterbai at the local store. I will add a female angel to the tank aswell to get my lone male a mate but i just can't buy a few young ones and hope one is a female since thats to expensive since the 2 males i have are quite aggressive towards other males and will most likely kill them before i can get someone to take them.

If you recomend to add some more fish remember they need to be large enough to not become food for the BGK.

I would prefer not to get advice on tetras since they don't really shoal like i want them to apart from neon and kardinals but they are food for my large angel male in a matter of seconds. the tetras i have now are just large enough not to be food for him.