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    Saturday I did a 70% water change after the pH and kH dropped suddenly. Sunday morning ammonia and nitrItes were zero so I added a half dose of ammonia. This morning (Monday) ammonia and nitrItes are back to zero! I think it's done!

    I won't be able to get any fish until the weekend so I'm going to continue the daily half dose of ammonia until then. A water change on Friday night then a trip to the lfs on Saturday!

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    What is your nitrates level this morning?
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    Ammonia and nitrItes are zero.

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    I know, I read that...what about nitrAtes?
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    The reason I ask about your nitrAtes is because of this bit of info from Lady Hobb's fishless cycling article:

    Nitrites will continue to climb each day, also growing bacteria. You may have nitrites register on your tester for a couple weeks but one day you will check and they will be 0. That is when you have your cycled tank! You will have high nitrAtes when you tank is done cycling. Do a large water change to bring those nitrates down to under 20 and you can began to add your fish.
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    Woops, mixed my Is and As! I haven't checked nitrAtes today. They were 25 after Saturday's 70% water change. Will check them tomorrow. Water will be 90% changed the night before introducing fish.

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    No problem, easy to get them mixed up sure to check it out before adding fish....

    CONGRATS on your cycled tank!!
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    After adding 3ppm ammonia yesterday morning today's results are
    pH - 7.0
    Ammonia - 0
    NitrItes - 0
    NitrAtes - 40ppm?
    gH - 9
    kH - 2

    It seems like the pH and kH are dropping again. Is this normal?

    I have a hard time reading the API nitrAte test. I can't tell the difference between 40ppm and 80ppm. I also have a Sera test kit, it says nitrAtes are 25mg/l.

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    Hi Bruce,
    Check this website, it is what I use instead of the color chart card that came with the API...keep in mind that different monitors on different PC's may show varying degrees of color, but I trust the website more than the card...sometimes I use them in conjunction with one can just hold up the test tube a few inches from your monitor to compare:

    If 'trAtes are still indeed at 40, I believe a few more water changes are in order...
    10 Gallon Beginner Tank... Journal

    40 Gallon Breeder: ... Journal

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    +1 with above - whether 40 or 80 - that is too high and needs to be brought down to 20 or less before adding fish.
    46 gal fw tank with black skirt tetras, neon tetras, spotted corys, green corys, 1 guppy, cherry barbs, otoclinus, snails & 4 amano shrimp - plastic & live plants
    5 gal QT with green corys & 2 guppies

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