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  1. Question 75 Gallon New world cichlid stocking questions.

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    I have a 55 gallon and I am about to upgrade it to what I believe is a 75 or close to that. Right now I have 1 Convict 1 Firemouth 1 Jack Dempsey which is still young about 4 inches and 1 Green Terror which is still a baby at 1 inch. I know that my stocking is horrible but I inherited it and I am trying to make these fish happy.

    Right now the only thing that seems off is that the JD hangs out around the top corner and sometimes the fish seem a little stressed. I was hoping to lose as few of these fish as possible and also hoping to add something like a Blue Acara, or a Thread Fin Geophagus. I take good care of the fish as far as the water quality goes.

    Which fish should I take out and can I add any fish?

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    The 75g has the same territory space as the 55 g, basically 4 feet in length. If you want to increase your stocking go to a 6 foot long tank like a 125g (72x18x20).

    The JD is stressed out from an aggressive cichlid, either the convict or FM. Figure out which one is the aggressor, and rehome it, if you want to keep the JD.

    I wouldn't put the blue acara and GT together because they look so much alike that there is a high possibility of aggression between the 2.

    If you are getting a 75g, I would not include the aggressor:

    convict or FM, geophagus (Acarichthys heckelii), and JD


    convict or FM, green terror and JD (a little bit overstocking in terms of bioload)


    convict or FM, geophagus (Acarichthys heckelii), and green terror


    convict or FM, blue acara, and JD

    You are going to have to decide what you like best, but as I said before, find out who is freaking the JD, because there's also the possibility it will freak out your new cichlid.
    Last edited by Rocksor; 05-31-2013 at 04:07 PM.

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    Rehome the convict and GT. Go with Sev's, Acara and Geo's. I would go more toward tapajos because they hold their own a tad better in these conditions. Just make sure all geos are at least 3in in size when bought. THey are slowest growers of the tank and need a head start.

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    The firemouth is the main aggressor of the tank and it seems to be paired up with the convict so I think I am going to put both of them in a different tank so they are still together. Would JD, GT and Acarichthys heckelii fit?

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    In short term they might but the aggression will determine how it plays out. In the long term, if there are no aggression issues, no.The GT gets up to 12", the heckelii gets up to 8", and the JD gets up to 10", the bioload would be immense on that aquarium.

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    I can't find any hecklii for sale anyways. Are there any dither fish that would survive?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rocksor View Post
    The 75g has the same territory space as the 55 g, basically 4 feet in length. If you want to increase your stocking go to a 6 foot long tank like a 125g (72x18x20).
    A 75 has a 50% larger footprint than a 55. I agree, if you want to open up your stocking potential, go with a 125.
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    I would keep the convict and the firemouth. Then you could add some schooling fish. Medium to larger ones. Congo tetra. Possibly skirt tetra, though they may be nipped at. Tiger barbs. Buenos Aires tetra. Things along those lines. Bristle nose plecos would work. Emperor tetra. There are surely more. But those are what are coming to mind right now. I would stay away from more cichlids.

    I would only keep two of the ones you have. Any two would/should work. Or re-home them all and start over. A 75 gallon will give you a decent amount of room, but not enough for some of the fish you are suggesting. Find two cichlids, and work around those.

    Jack Dempsey are not always the aggressive fish their name suggests. Yours is probably feeling some stress from having the other cichlids with it. Plus they will grow to a bulky 12 inches. And produce a lot of waste. And as your's grows, it may start to live up to its name.

    Green Terrors are about the same temperament as a JD. I think the JD and GT would work in a 75, but I would not keep anything else with them.

    If you are wanting to keep a larger variety of cichlids, and are looking to get a bigger tank, I would look into a 125 too. A 75 would work fine for some things, and would definitely be a cool tank with some nice fish. With a 125 you could keep the fish you have, and still have some larger schooling ones too.

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    You could also simply divide the tank up if you had to to keep them from hurting each other anymore. Also I would get some dither fish they will take some aggro off the cichlids maybe some silver dollars or danios.

    If you have enough hiding room and dithers you can keep a jack dempsey a convict and another in a 75g. I had a foot long jack, a 4 inch convict,a 10 inch pike cichlid, a raphael and pleco catfish along with a school of 8 silver dollars in my 75g and it worked fine; the cichlids would mouth lock but never really hurt each other though I'd lose a silver dollar once in awhile usually the smaller ones. I also had a ton of filtration with so many fish in there.

    Maybe do like kim92 said with the 75g until the GT and jack are bigger then you could add the convict or maybe firemouth in.. If you have the filtration I'm a strong advopcate of dither fish to spread the aggro around when you have more than 1 cichlid.
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