I was wondering if anyone else has ever given their Betta table scraps for an occasional treat. Mine loves cooked chicken,roast beef and tuna.His favorite thing is bakery frenchbread. His tank is set up in my kitchen and he can smell when any of these items are being served or cooked-he flips practically upside down "begging" . Just the sight of the bread loaf on the table sets him off ! Of course I only give him tiny amounts once in awhile and he has been thriving,otherwise he suffers himself to eat his flake food which is the only "fish" food he would ever eat. he still thinks hes entitled to have anything my husband I are eating and goes n pouts behind a plant when he doesnt get a taste. But I know alot of things we eat could hurt him even if he doesnt !. Our every move is watched as we enter the kitchen...I know he wants to come out of his water confinement and enter the fridge if only he could. Who needs a dog ? Does anyone else have a quirky fish ?