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  1. Default cycled tank but guppies died

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    Greetings everyone. I have just recently completed my 20 gallon cycle. I went through it properly with parameters increasing then dropping to zero and then doing a large water change at cycle's end. All parameters are now at zero. About 48 hrs. ago I added two small oto cats, then a day or two later, two red wag platies, two sunburst platies and three guppys. Question is this - the two Tequila Sunrise guppies died - one shortly after I freed him from being stuck to my AC intake filter tube and the other guppy I have no idea what happened two. But this could have been the one stuck to the filter since they were both identical. Help please. Thanks.

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    sorry about your guppies. How did you cycle your tank? How long did it take you? How high were your nitrates before you did the large water change?
    I'm asking because it's unusual to have 0 nitrates in a fully cycled tank.
    Also since your tank is so new, you'd best drop an algae wafer in for the ottos since it's doubtful there is any algae yet to sustain them.
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  3. Default

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    Day 9 my nitrates were at their peak of 40-60. I have been cycling since 4-28-13. Besides the two guppies that died, I also had a red wagtail that died within 24 hours. He/she, after I acclimated him, just hovered in one place toward the tank bottom at a 45 degree angle and acting as if in shock. I just checked all three water parameters now and all are zero. I am confused. I have gone through the whole business of the ammonia rising then falling-same with the nitrites and nitrates.

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    How did you acclimate these fish to your tank? What dechlorinator do you use, and what is the PH?

    I ask these because, if the fish were released quickly into the tank, they may have gone into shock.

    If you are using a dechlorinator that does not take care of ammonia, a small ammonia spike when adding new fish could indeed damage your fish, and cause this type of fish loss.

    If the pH is very high or low, it could also cause shock to your fish, depending on the pH of the water they came from.
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  5. Default

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    Just measured pH and it is 7.6. Dechlorinator I use is Tetra Aqua Safe, which I don't believe handles ammonia.

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    What were your nitrates at before you did your last big water change? Did you clean your filter as well? How long did you wait between that water change and adding fish?
    How much ammonia were you dosing during your cycle?
    How long were the fish in the bag, and how did you acclimate them to the tank?
    Just asking a bunch of questions to see if we can't help you get a handle on what happened...

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    ++ to the above
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