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  1. Default My guppies keep dying

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    I had aquariums in the early 1970s. Never had the problem with dying fish that I am having now. When I set up my aquarium about 2 years ago I immediately had a algae problem, but my fish seemed to thrive. I changed the water just like i did in the 70s.

    Then I put too much Excel in and killed all of them except the Cory's. I finally figured out where the extra light was coming from. Now I have sparkling water. Back in the dark ages I changed about 1/4 of the water every week. Books I have read say to change 1/4 every month. I changed to monthly water changed about 2 months ago. I had one guppy and bought three more. One died within just a few days. The one I already had died several weeks later. And now I found another dead one this morning. The last one looks like it will be gone any time. I changed water today and decided to go back to weekly changes.

    I have a 10 gallon tank and other than the guppies, I have a Cory and an algae eater so I don't think it is overstocked. I know I should already have tested the water, but every time I have checked it its been well within the numbers. Other than not changing the water often enough or water unbalanced, what else could be killing the guppies and not the other fish?

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    What are current ammonia, nitrtie and and nitrate levels ?
    If you take your time to do the research FIRST, you can successfully set-up and keep ANY type of aquarium with ease.
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    I just checked it and here are the results. PH 7.6, High PH 8.0, Ammonia 0 ppm, Nitrite 0 ppm, Nitrate between 0 and 5.0.

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    All I can think is that weekly water changes or atleast bi weekly are very important for he health of the fish......
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    What seems so odd is the guppy I had for about a month or more died two weeks after I put the three guppies in. Anyway, I'm gonna give up on guppies and try something else.

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    Giving up on one species will not solve the problem. Were there any visible abnormalities on the fish when you netted them out?

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    smaller tanks have a tendency to be more difficult to keep stable. you could have had an ammonia and or nitrate spike when you altered your W.C schedule and added the new fish. As a rule, most on the AC make weekly W/C of 50% or more. I'd try that and add enough dechlorinator/conditioner to treat the entire tank each time. try to keep you nitrates below 20.
    Good luck!
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    I find that guppies are a tough species to find a good source for. they breed so easily and everyone has them, its very easy to buy a bad lot of inbred fish. guppies aren't very tough to begin with, ime, and getting a bad lot just makes it worse.

    Also, sometimes your water - even if the big five seem to be good - isn't suited to a particular species of fish. Perhaps I am a lazy fishkeeper, but there are species of fish I've just quit buying as they don't live long in my tanks, while I've had others for years.

    So anyway, you might want try getting your guppies from somewhere else. Fish stores do buy fish from the public, and may not check to make sure the seller is a good breeder.

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    Plus 1 to the above.

    Though your water changes should be weekly, another source of your problem could be badly bred guppies. I have had this issue before, several sets from a chain store die after a few months, their backs bending and erratic behavior, and then suddenly die with no outward illness. Yet, a pair bred by my nephew I've had for forever, and they have lived through several pairs of chain store guppies departing.

    Before you give up on guppies, try getting them from another supplier.
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