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    Default Some help please?

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    Okay, so I'm getting a 15 gallon column tank set up (This one in the link) for a community tank with, for certain, 1 male Betta and 1 Oto. I was originally planning on 2 albino cory cats and 2 upside down catfish, but after doing more research and thinking about the size of my tank (with 7 live plants and 2 decorations that double as hidey holes) I decided to change this to 3 of one or the other. I'm not really sure which one would work best however and I would like some well informed opinions and suggestions.
    1 Tank 5.5 Gal. (soon to be QT) - 1 Betta, 5 Neon Tetra, 8 Ghost Shrimp
    2 Tank 20 Gal. - Cycling! Planted!

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    Oto's are very hit or miss. some people can never keep them i'm throwing some caution in there.

    for a 15column, i'd honestly just do the betta and 20Red Cherry Shrimp.
    Plant it, had some decor and have a great set up.

    cory cat's can't work in a column tank, the footprint isn't big enough for them (they are a schooling fish)
    and upside down cats shouldn't be considered...most of these fish are sold as the type that get to 7inches, and that def won't fit in your tank.

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    The 15 gallon column is the best I can do right now since it's on a nightstand. The only other place I have large enough for a tank (even a small one) is the floor, and I have a very intelligent housecat so I'm leary of getting a floor tank since she could get the lid off with minimal fuss and would likely view it as a free sushi bar. However, I do want multiple fish (along with the Betta), emphasis on the word FISH, as shrimp are crustaceans. Would there be other good, viable options?
    1 Tank 5.5 Gal. (soon to be QT) - 1 Betta, 5 Neon Tetra, 8 Ghost Shrimp
    2 Tank 20 Gal. - Cycling! Planted!

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    do you have dimensions of the tank?

    fish need horizontal swimming room, so having a column tank limits you drastically on what is sustainable and have a happy life.

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    13.6" x 13.8" x 24.8" on the outside, I'm not quite sure how to check the inside though (I don't think the base dimensions are much smaller, the height certainly probably is).

    If there aren't other fish that can live in here, maybe some of you know a good cat-proof tank and lid type that is roughly the same size and could be purchased at petsmart/petco/walmart/etc (preferences in that order...)
    1 Tank 5.5 Gal. (soon to be QT) - 1 Betta, 5 Neon Tetra, 8 Ghost Shrimp
    2 Tank 20 Gal. - Cycling! Planted!

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    yea, it won't be too much of a difference inside vs out.

    Not much can survive in that length of a tank besides a betta. Sorry-some microfish would work? some people have pulled off neons in a tank that size (highly debated though)

    cat proof lids become tougher when the tank is on the floor(right?)
    because, the cat will be interested in the tank plus warmth from the light. so a canopy would be ideal
    my petco sells glass versa tops-strong and sturdy. but again, cats could go through it if they are big.

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    She's not a big cat, only 8 pounds or so. She's just remarkably clever and strong (she can open my bedroom door and push the sliding doors to the porch open if they're cracked). I wouldn't be too worried about the tank being on the floor with a normal cover normally because it would be in a place I could see it and yell at her if she messed with it, but since I try to get outside for a few hours a day anymore that's a few hours in which she could jimmy a cover off and make a sushi bar out of my carefully cared for fish. Aside from being a loss of life for the fish I'd be worried about her health from doing so. I have considered weighting the lid down with a large rock or brick on the top when I'm not around, or using bungie cords on either end to hold it down, but I'm not sure how safe that is for the fish or the tank.
    1 Tank 5.5 Gal. (soon to be QT) - 1 Betta, 5 Neon Tetra, 8 Ghost Shrimp
    2 Tank 20 Gal. - Cycling! Planted!

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    I would train your cat to stay away from the tank.

    And the dimension and size of the tank limits you. It is really not big enough for a community of fish. A small school of micro fish and dwarf shrimp would work. Or as already said, a betta and shrimp. I would not try otos in a tank that size either.

    If you get some live plants, a nice piece of driftwood with a dark substrate and background, you could have yourself a very nice and natural tank. Look around to get some ideas. Some of the coolest tanks can be small with very few fish in them.

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    That's a really tall tank so most of the volume is due to the height. Not sure this is the best design for cories who reside along the bottom but like to swim up to the top for some air. That's a long way to go. Not sure if the stock lighting will support live plants either due to the height. And it's probably a pain to clean the substrate.

    If space is limited, and your main desire is a beta, I would personally downsize to a 5 gallon. Easy to light for plants, a couple of otos would work, and you could look at the dwarf cories like hasbrosus, although check with others about the beta behavior with these. I've never had a beta so have no experience here. Cheaper all around, too. I love my 5 gal and it's easy to maintain with weekly water changes.

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    I actually did a water change after adding some new plants the other day and with a gravel vac it's not too hard. The biggest issue is making sure I don't uproot any plants and getting around the decorations/hidey holes. The light seems to get all the way down to the plants for now, but as soon as I figure out what type/size the bulb is I'm going to see if I can't get a stronger one... if worst comes to worst I can go to the garden store near by and order a special plant light that I could set up next to the tank to shine in.

    Part of the issue is, I already have the tank set up and (almost) ready for fish.
    Last edited by Fluffy; 05-25-2013 at 08:06 PM. Reason: grammar
    1 Tank 5.5 Gal. (soon to be QT) - 1 Betta, 5 Neon Tetra, 8 Ghost Shrimp
    2 Tank 20 Gal. - Cycling! Planted!

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