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    Default Aggressive pleco?

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    I have a Bristlenose Pleco that isn't fully sized yet, and last night I noticed that one of my flame tetras has bits missing from his fin and his, i suppose, top lip is missing.

    Could this be the pleco? I also recently lost a black balloon molly who had zero noticeable problems.

    In the tank I have:
    Flame tetras
    Neon tetras
    Two dwarf gouramis
    Balloon Molly's
    3 baby guppies and a mama guppy (that are being given to someone else this weekend)
    3 corydoras

    Could anything else be causing this? All water checks are coming back perfect :(

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    Highly doubtful unless it's starving andhas no pplace to hide. My first suspect would be the gourami. What does the tank look like? How big? Which sex are the gourami?

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    There's a very large piece of wood in there that it hides under, takes up most of the tank (95l).
    Gourami - one male and one female (I think). Both seem really peaceful and timid, keep to themselves, whereas the pleco has been lashing out at the corys.
    Had the gouramis for longer than the pleco with no problems?

    I'm shocked that it might be them!

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    25gallon tank to the US folks here.

    but i'm betting the gourami too. I had one dwarf gourami in a 45gallon tank and he bullied my tetra and rams to near death.
    2 in a 95l is a combo waiting for disaster.

    I have a BN pleco in my 45 now, and he's super peaceful with my cories.
    If you are still set it being the pleco-then add more wood/caves and decor. the more area's that split the tank up to territories and caves, the better.

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    Lashing out at cories could be a feeding issue. What do the bottom dwellers get to eat?

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    0 Not allowed!
    Ill keep more of an eye on the gouramis then, I had no idea!

    The cory's get algae wafers, along with I think it's frozen bloodworm but not massively sure (it's in the freezer and I'm not home).

    The pleco gets some of the algae wafers too and occasional pleco wafer.

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