Hey everyone, new user here and new the aquarium world...

Three months back, my wife and I decided to start a hobby together... This means we now have a 45 gallon tank with several fish.

Break down:

One young bala shark
2 young clown loaches
1 adult red tail shark
2 black velvet angel fish
1 leopard angel fish
2 german blue rams
1 red gold severum
1 Opaline Gourami
1 albino pleco and 1 regular pleco - both bushynose

So i was starting to do a water change when i pulled a log out of the water and I noticed the regular pleco would not come out, even more so than usual... So i shook a little and he ended up coming out but so did about 15 orange colored eggs... There are still eggs in the log as well..

I have no idea what to do with this... I put the log back in the water and the pleco has gone back into the log to care for them but the other eggs are just laying on the rocks now... I put a clean clear cup over them to protect them from the other fish...

What do I do?