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  1. Default Plecos And Driftwood

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    Hello all, I have a pleco about 3-4 inches in length and the tank is basically perfect although I heard they need/like driftwood in their tanks. Is it of nutritional value to them or more long the lines of "looks like my old home/natural habitat" Would I be better off buying it from a petstore or getting it from nature and obviously treating it for a while before placing it in my tank. Thanks in advance!

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    I have heard that they rasp it and the little pieces they take in are 'fibre' for them, so really I think it is essential. Many on here have said they do not trust driftwood from nature. Best to get it at a pet store. Even the stuff you get at petstore often needs soaking first as a lot of brown tannins come out of it atfirst. I love my driftwood and my Bristlenose pleco is always on it.
    Allergic to all things furry.

  3. Default

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    great thank you so much I just want him to be as happy as can be :)

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    not all plecos need driftwood. carnivorous species will appreciate it as cover, but they do not have the dietary need for it.
    it would help to know the species of pleco you have

  5. Default

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    pleco.jpg *this is not my pleco but it really looks just like him high fin spotted pleco possibly?

  6. Default

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    I also heard they love veggies I recently started giving him a thin slice of cucumber every night and take out the remains in the morning he went through a bit of a growth spurt already just wondering if he needs driftwood as well.

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    The problem with "pleco" and "I heard that" is that it tends to generalize a family of fish consisting of 100 genera ranging from the dwarf Otocinclus vittatus which is strictly vegetarian to the huge Acanthicus which will eat just about anything.

    What you got there is most likely a Pterygoplichthys or a Hypostomus. Neither strictly needs wood. They do need a good variety of greens to feed on or a quality algae wafer and occasionally a bit of protein but that shouldn't be more than 15% of their diet.

    Another fact of these fish which makes them a bad buy for most people is that these fish will easily grow to 10-12 inches and therefore need a tank at least 72 inches wide

  8. Default

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    I have a twenty gallon now with intentions of moving into a bigger tank when my fiance and I buy a house so the size isn't an issue just wondering if he would be better or even happier with driftwood.

  9. Default

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    Why take the chance? I'd get the driftwood. It will look great in the tank and your pleco and other fish will love tucking in around it. Even if this particular pleco may not need it you may be surprised how much he'll suck on it.
    Also - most pleco loves blanched skinned peas (only one a week) and zucchini slices if you want to try some variety.
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    Quote Originally Posted by littleitaly2208 View Post
    I have a twenty gallon now with intentions of moving into a bigger tank when my fiance and I buy a house so the size isn't an issue just wondering if he would be better or even happier with driftwood.
    So that will be between now and valentine's day? Guaranteed? Otherwise it's a bad buy and you might as well admit it before you stunt the fish

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