Hey, i just bought me a Black ghost knife fish and i have always wanted one but i though at first it was an asian fish but learned a few month it was an SA and i all about SA and i have a tank large enough for one maybe a bit small for a max size one but most fish won't reach the size they can get but if he do ill sell him to a local aquarium owner that has lots of large tank since he only keeps the largest aquarium fish

I know they can grow to about 20" but i know from personal experience most fish never reach there max size even if they are wild caught, had 2 wild caught angels long ago and they were the smallest angels i had about 4" when they can reach close to 6" but i have a back up plan in case my fish are the one that will become 20".

I do have a few questions though.

When i researched this fish a few month ago i found a few saying they eat the eyes of angels and other large fish that they can't swallow whole but i found more saying it's very rare that they will do that. Today i was bored after i got the fish and thought i would do some more fish reading on all the fish i have and plan to have in both my tanks and i found this time that it was more saying they will eat the eyes of all other fish in the tank and the fins of them, so now i'm a bit scared since i love my angels more then the black ghost and i don't want to hurt my loved angels. So what is the truth about this?

Then i have a question about BN with them i have 2 albino BN that im going to pick up in the future from my uncle as hes holding them since the tanks was down a few month and we didn't have time to try to catch those when i picked up the angels from him. will this work together or will the knife kill the BN's?

I do have a few PVC pipes that i got from a friend to have for caves to the BN's the question are for both BN's and the knife fish i do have one pipe that's about 1.6" in diameter and i wonder if thats to tight for a BGN, i also got several 1.2" in diameter pipes and those was planned for the BN's but they might be to tight for them. If the larger pipe works for the BGN i'm going to put it in the tank tomorrow so the BGN gets the larger pipe for him and the Bn's can get the small ones if they work for them.

I don't want to have any replies telling me BGN needs large tanks i know this all i want to know is about these questions. The BGN will be able to get it's own space in this tank so it won't get attacked or need to attack for it's space, Just want to know if it will attack because it's an asshole.