I had a seemingly healthy and hardy 6 line wrasse die today. I had this thing for close to a yr. I have had fish randomly die in the past but I figured it was cause of high nitrates cause of my poor husbandry. I've been keeping 0-5ppm nitrates for about two-three weeks now. Down from extremely high nitrates. Could that cause it? All my fish seemed more active and healthy lately for obvious reasons, I wasn't poisoning them with high nitrates. I tested my nitrites and Ammonia recently and they were at 0. Could a coral kill the fish cause I got a few new lps. Can aptasia kill it? Cause I have one that I've been trying to kill for awhile. Or could my valitine puffer kill it? Just weird. The 6-line seemed fat and healthy. Could it be over fed? I've been feeding a lil more with the addition of the a few new fish and spot feeding the frog spawn.