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    If you have the choice go with a canister filter. Canisters are usually a lot quieter than hob filters. Also they have the advantage of holding a lot of filter media.

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    Limming knows what DG is :).

    Stock changed last night, traded the cherry barbs, zebra danios, and all except 4 platys for a 10g tank and a one of these

    Guy had it in both his tanks, and I looked up the fluid in the bottle, its supposed to just be gycol which if it breaks wouldn't hurt anyone. But its pretty accurate and has an alarm if the temp leaves a certain range

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    Quote Originally Posted by talldutchie View Post
    If it's this tank:

    DG, 5 GBR, 10 Zebra Danio, 6 Cherry Barb, 5 Oto, 6 Sterbai, 9 Platies, RCS

    Then, apart from me not knowing what a DG is, yes I'd filter that with a 2215. since you got a mix of fish that like some flow and fish that don't I wouldn't go for a 2217.
    hmm... but the 2215 is "rated" for 92g and everything I have learn says double the tank size for filtration.... oh the dilema I face ;)

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    That rule about ratings is probably true for internals and hobs but these eheims supply about 85%-90% of what it says on the package. Let's put it differently, I run a 2211 on my 33 gallon which is at the top of what it's supposed to be able to handle and still my values are spot on! (OK, granted, I tailored the media to it but still...) A 2215 would turn over your tank 3 times an hour which would be perfectly adequate for your tank.

    On the other hand, peace of mind is worth a lot so if you got a better feeling about a 2217 then that's the most obvious choice. You'd do 5 times your tank volume per hour and you can always mod the spraybar a bit to handle the current.
    Last edited by talldutchie; 05-21-2013 at 11:48 AM.

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    what would you think about this, a local guy has two AC110's he wants to sell, I am thinking get 1 (probably for $30-40), have it on one end of the tank, and get a 2215 for the other end.... would that make my tank a whirlpool, or just well filtered

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    just talked to the guy, he has two AC110's for $40 ea.... aargh.

    I feel like that is a pretty good deal.. but I'd have to see them in person to see how loud they would be... but not sure. Still wanna watch for a deal on an eheim

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    Eheim canisters are nice, decently priced. I have one of those, the rest of the canisters are rena xp3's and one rena xp1. Once you go with a canister you'll never go back to a hob. Some people say never to buy a used filter, but all the canister filters I bought were used. Just have to look them over carefully. May want to check any local clubs you may have in ny. I was able to get most of my filters for $50-65 range.

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    yea, found a 2215 on craigslist. guy is asking $80 (comes with spray bar etc) and looks in good shape, bit of a drive so I'm gonna see if he'd take less. Im think the 2215 and AC110 should provide all sorts of good filtration lol

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    I'm not familiar with Rena myself but from what I've heard they're good filters.
    There's nothing wrong with buying used, especially if you go for one where rings and impellors are easy to come by and not that expensive. I bought my eheim used, bought a shaft replacement kit and it was good to go.

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    Do you guys feel those prices are good $40 for the AC110 and $80 (asking) $60 (offer) for the 2215?

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