Hi all - have a newly (re)cycled 10 gallon tank that I finished stocking today. Due to bad advice from uncaring or unknowledgable pet shop employees, I think my tank may be over stocked - but I'm trying to figure out if it's bad enough to return a fish or two or if I should just stick it out and see how it goes. Here's what I currently have:

- 1 white cloud minnow - (I know its a schooling fish - this guy is the last hold out from my tank before it had a crash a few months ago.)
- 1 2" neon sword tail
- 1 rainbow platy
- 1 male betta
- 3 rasbora harlequin
- 1 cory punctatus

So far the betta seems to be getting along fine with the other fish, although it's only been one day. The main things I'm concerned about are:

1) Is this just too many fish?
2) Is it ok to have only 3 rasboras?
3) Is it ok to have a lone cory catfish? (The store employee did not tell me this was a schooling fish - I only learned it after reading online when I got home. I should have done my research first but this was an impulse buy)

I'm running an AC20 filter and as of today my water levels are all normal.