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    Default Sick Rummy nose... She looks exhausted

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    Hi Guys!

    Sick fishy

    This morning my one Rummy was lying on her side at the bottom of the tank, breathing very heavily. She was 100% fine last night. I took her out of the tank and put her in a separate tank. She occasionally attempts to get up and swim around for short periods, but then sinks back to the bottom. When she does swim, her nose is sometimes pointed down, and she drifts backward.

    Apart from that she looks perfect. Good colouring (she lost her colouring when I put her in the new tank for a few minutes, but regained it), no spots, nothing I can notice about her appearance.

    Rest of tank

    All other fish (5 remaining rummy noses, 6 cardinal tetras, 3 young kuhli loaches) looks perfectly healthy, although I only saw 2 of the kuhlis this morning. This specific tank is a 60l planted tank.

    Water Parameters

    I beg of you, please don't ask me the obvious question... I am flying blind. I have been ordering test kits for months now, from ALL pet stores in town, but it just does not seem to arrive. I live in Namibia (Africa) and things does not seem to be that readily available. I do weekly 30% water changes, and did one yesterday.

    If anyone knows what could be wrong with her, please let me know. There is no reason for her to be stressed, apart from possible bad water, which I (frustratingly) can not test...

    I will do 20% water changes every day for the rest of the week to see if that might help, but if there is anything else anyone can recommend, please do so?


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    Difficult to diagnose without a video and a report of water parameters, but like you said - not available.

    I'd do 50% water changes every day in case you have cycle/water quality issues. This will do no harm at the very least.

    How long as the tank been set up? Did you cycle the tank to start with?
    What is your feeding routine?
    What is your filtration?
    "Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known." Carl Sagan

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    My thought other than what firefly said, is to find the other loach... if for some reason it died in the tank, it could cause water problems leading to the RMN getting ill

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    Thank you for your replies.

    @ Firefly
    Tank cycle: Tank has been set up for about 4 months at my house, but it was a friend's before it became mine, and she had it running for years. When I received it I basically did a 100% water change, but did not clean the filter material.
    Feeding routine: Flake food twice a day. I watch them while they eat. After a minute I scoop out any remaining food from the surface. A little ends up at the bottom, but the loaches also need food.
    Filtration: I am at the office at the moment, but will check when I am back home again.

    @ Hardy85
    I will look for him this afternoon. I did not have enough time this morning to search for him. They are pretty efficient hiders...

    I just thought about something. Our municipality shut down the entire city's water supply last weekend to work on our water reserves. I don't know if it is a possibility that they added chemicals and crap to the water, but as she got sick after a water change, I wonder if that could not have anything to do with it? Do I do water changes and kill them all or do I not do water changes and kill them all? Catch 22... I think I'll continue with the water changes and see if any others get sick. At least I am doing something... Alternatively I could buy mineral water to do the water changes with? That will be pricey...

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    You add dechlorinator right? A good dechlorinator should take out the chlorine and chloramine, I wouldn't use mineral water.......
    Allergic to all things furry.

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    @ guppymummy
    Yes on dechlorinator.
    I think you are right about the mineral water. Only problem with that is: One 50% water change with mineral water would cost me approximately N$140. That is the price of 4 Rummy Noses. Would it work if I boil water, let it cool and use that? I have never done it before. Could it work?

  7. Default

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    Well being in the construction business, there are times they over chlorinate the water lines, if the didn't flush them properly you may have ended up with extra chlor in the water. try some more water changes

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    Construction business is such a joy! lol! I am an interior designer, so also in the industry, just the gentler side.

    I will do 50% water changes daily and see what happens. Can anyone tell me if boiling the water is a good or bad idea?

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    I'm happy to stand corrected by someone who knows for sure but I don't think boiling will help for anything other than killing bacteria (and you don't know you have a bacterial infection).

    I don't know if it removes anything else, but I'm pretty sure that boiling will increase the total dissolved solids (TDS) of the the water...making it harder. I'm not sure you want that, especially if any unwanted minerals are an issue.
    "Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known." Carl Sagan

    ~ 350 Litre Tank Journal ~ ~ 30 Litre Tank Journal ~

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    Thanks Firefly!

    I am happy to report that my little girl is doing much better! She is still breathing like crazy, but she is swimming around and not sleeping (I phoned my cleaning lady today to ask how my fishy was doing and she said: "No, is ok. He is sleeping on his side")... Well, she is not sleeping anymore!!!

    And I think I found the problem. I removed all the rocks from my tank and found under a large rock a pile of decomposing plant roots. I suppose it waas a shoot from an existing plant that died and rotted. My tank cleaning regimen is now changing slightly!

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