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    Default Why do assassin snails do this?

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    After my water change on my 29 gallon last night, within minutes I must have had 30 assassins on the glass. Actually it's a good thing because I didn't realize I had that many of them in that small tank so was able to move out about 20 of them. Many of them are still on the glass this morning. But why do they do that? They don't do that when I change the water in the other tanks to that degree.

    I'm also getting worried about feeding them. Has anyone tried to give their assassins raw pieces of shrimp or is there some kind of protein I can feed them since the snails are about gone? Meaty fish pellets, perhaps?

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    After water changes a lot of my shrimps and assassin snails do the same thing. For the shrimp they go crazy swimming around, I think has to do with releasing pheromones.

    Never really target fed the assassin snails, they seem to live on whatever is in the tank when there are no pest snails around.

    Also I really have no idea how many assassin snails I have anymore. Originally I had bought a few of them online, then put them into one tank. Slowly as I found them I put a few into every tank I have. Rarely ever see more than 1 or 2 in the tank at any time, though I'm sure if I sifted thru the substrate a lot more would show up.
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    I started with 6 I bought from Lab_rat a couple years ago. I have got to have 60 or more. My substrate is tan/black, too, so rather hard to find them.

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    I've got hundreds of them in my tank...all from two adults who I rarely see. They seem to be taking an age to grow. I first spotted them six months ago and the largest are not past 2-3mm yet. There are no pond snails left for them to snack on but they feast on fish feed (of any kind), flakes, pellets, algae wafers, frozen feeds. They're actually quite useful at clearing up the bottom...and the best thing - they NEVER touch my plants (unlike pesky pond snails).
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    Hobbs mine do that from time to time... same tank, but sometimes at wc they are very active sometimes they hardly move a bit.

    They do like sinking wafers, and I've done cooked or raw shrimp (extras from a lunch)pulled into a couple smaller pieces and they share with the fish on those.

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    Mine goes nuts when I change the water.

    I've seen them eating the random food that falls to the bottom, I think that's what they live on.

    I used to have some babies, although I lost them later. They didn't grow all that fast... I know assassains breed slowly. I know someone who started with three, and the next year they had about twenty. Very slow for snails.
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