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  1. Default Just at the end of a cycle, something in my water slowly killing my tetras :(

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    So it's been 2 weeks now. I had 2 tetras in the water who were living fine for over a week. Today I added 3 more. They all seemed fine the first 8 hours or so. The one slowly moved away from the pack swims around all disoriented and then maybe 10 mins later dies. Now a second one of the 3 is starting to do it.
    My ammonia is low-0, hardness is fine, nitrates and trites are fine.
    The only thing a bit off if it is at all is my pH which is at 7.6. I added seachem neutral ph to fix it.
    It's a 20 gallon tank.

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    Don't throw in chemicals if you have no real need to. Specify "fine"

  3. Default

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    The only way I have to test hardness is by test strips, my chemical test kit doesnt do that. It ranges from Fine to too hard, too soft.

    The 2nd guy is still alive. The third looks perfect still as do the previous 2. The 4th is swimming around alone but the same way that the other fish do, playing in the current etc.
    He just is disoriented, does like 360's and stuff

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    What kind of tetra?
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    Agree with talldutchie - what exactly are your water parameters?

    What you are describing are fish swimming around in an uncycled tank.

    There is no need to be so concerned with the pH/hardness of your tank if you acclimated the fish properly. Your main concern should be ammonia (with fish in there, it should start going up due to their waste), nitrites & nitrates which your liquid test kit DOES test for (if that's what you mean by "chemical" kit).

    Have you changed your water at all since you started your tank? What kind of filter is on the tank?
    Are you using dechlorinator and what kind? That is what you put into new water you add to the tank.
    Also, hope you are not adding the water from the fish store into your tank - that is dangerous.
    Your tank should go through the cycling process 1st.
    At this time, there is no need to add any chemicals or change anything in your filter (you are now trying to grow bacteria in the filter media). Any other questions, toss them out!

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    These are just your every day neon tetras.

    So heres how my tests read

    On the Tetra EasyStrips:
    Ammonia- Safe (0-20), this has gone up from a complete 0
    Nitrite- Safe (0)
    Hardness- Very soft- Soft
    Total Chlorine- Safe (0)
    Alkalinity- Ideal (120)
    pH- 7.2-7.8

    According to my API master chemical test kit:
    ph- 7.6
    NH3- 0-.25ppm (~.15?)
    NO2- 0 ppm
    NO3- 0ppm
    High pH- 7.4-7.6

    The way I acclimate the fish takes about 45-60 minutes. I put the bag in the water with the fish, periodically I take a bit out of the bag and add a bit of the tank water to the bag until the bag is completely full.
    No I don't add the water to the tank.
    I didnt change the water for the first 1.5 weeks, however I have been doing routine 30% or so water changes for the past 4 days or so.
    I am using a chlorinator with every water change. I use Tetra AquaSafePlus
    I also have been adding a Topfin bacteria supplement and an API quick start chemical.
    I did also change a filter cartridge about 2 days ago. Should Ihave done this?

    Thanks for all the help!
    And my second guy died overnight unfortunately. The original two look perfect still and the 3rd I got with the other 2 dying is as happy as can be with them.

    And the filter I have is an Aqueon AT40 large. Flow rate 83-155 GPH with 2 large cartridges
    Last edited by Impulse155; 05-19-2013 at 06:20 PM.

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    ah, there it is. You change the cartridge you lose a large part of your bacteria. If you are showing ammonia, if only a trace, and no nitrate I seriously wonder about your cycle.

    If you want to use a bacteria supplement then use only one. you got two and neutral ph. That's beginning to sound like a chemistry experiment instead of fishkeeping.

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    When i went to the fish store I brought water b/c I didnt know what thye problem was. They said my pH tested high and recommended the neutpH. Should I not use it?
    What about water changes?
    And I was hesitant about changing the cartridge. I knew I shouldnt have :(

    Also right now I have some tacky blue gravel in my tank and I am getting substrate on Tuesday. Is there any way I can put the substrate in the tank without destroying the cycle?

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    If you want to use a bacteria supplement then use only one. you got two and neutral ph. That's beginning to sound like a chemistry experiment instead of fishkeeping.
    Things are best left as natural as possible.

    I just cycled a 20 g planted for some glow lights. I haven't changed their filter for two months, and some driftwood in the tank brought my 7.6 pH to a cool 6.4. They are all very happy tetras. I will probably only rinse my cartridges in tank or treated water. I've heard you can leave them until they start falling apart

  10. Default

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    I was actually thinking of buying some drift wood to lower my pH, plus its an eventual addition to the tank i want once I get my substrate.

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