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    Default Possible L002/Tiger Pleco?

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    Tiger Pleco by Dead_Last, on Flickr

    I just searched a few online stores for better pictures to compare to and the best i got was the tiger pleco from

    Any ideas?

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    Awfully dark for one. I'd need a better picture. Panaqolus it could be but not l002.

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    Definitely not a Tiger pleco. Can you try to get some better pictures? It would make it a lot easier to ID.

    Liters to Gallons conversion calculator

    "Keeping fish for any period of time doesn't make you experienced if you're doing it wrong. What does, is acknowledging those mistakes and learning from them." ~Aeonflame
    your argument is invalid." ~Mommy1

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    I was looking into getting a king tiger plec I just curious how good it would do in a 75g

    King Tiger Pleco.jpg

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    That would depend a lot on the 75g. Sizewise it would be no issue.

  6. Default

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    yea i posted info in my tank thread the lion only gets abt 5 inches but it likes the lower ph levels 5-7 i think

    they are carnivorous so they would eat all my shrimps

    and territorial
    Last edited by JoeH; 11-17-2013 at 07:06 AM.

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    I don't quite understand all this. I can tell you that any panaqolus is not at all likely to take on shrimp, it's a wood and aufwuchs grazers.

  8. Default

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    Here is what I get on the Tiger Pleco

    Hypancistrus sp "L066"
    Min. Tank Size
    75.7 Litres (20 US G.)

    10.2-12.7cm (4-5 ")


    5.8 - 7.0

    25 -29 C (77-84.2F)

    Water Hardness
    6-16 d

    Stocking Ratio
    1:1 M:F


    Pellet Foods
    Flake Foods
    Live Foods

    Life Span
    5-8 years

    South America


    Except when juvenile, these prefer a meaty diet. This can consist of live and frozen foods such as bloodworm, chopped mussel and prawn and sinking dried foods. Algae and other vegetable matter is not taken, but the occasional slice of cucumber or courgette might be nibbled at.


    Not difficult to maintain under the correct conditions; we strongly recommend keeping it in a tank designed to simulate a flowing stream with a substrate of variably-sized rocks, sand, fine gravel, and some water-worn boulders.

    This can be further furnished with driftwood branches, terracotta pipes, plant pots, etc., arranged to form a network of nooks, crannies, and shaded spots, thus providing broken lines of sight.

    Like many fishes that naturally inhabit running water it’s intolerant to accumulation of organic pollutants and requires spotless water in order to thrive. Weekly water changes of 30-50% tank volume should also be considered routine.

    Though torrent-like conditions are unnecessary it does best if there is a high proportion of dissolved oxygen and some water movement in the tank meaning power filter(s), additional powerhead(s), or airstone(s) should be employed as necessary.
    Last edited by JoeH; 11-17-2013 at 08:21 PM.

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    I'm lost now. Originally this thread was about a fish that's definitely NOT an hypancistrus but most likely a panaquolus. And now suddenly it is?????

  10. Default

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    my bad he asked abt a tiger pleco and was just giving him the info on a tiger i might have misunderstood his question

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