Hi guys,

Here is time for my reef tank reboot.

I'll not bore you with too much background, I'll post a link to a thread with that later ;)

Anyway. My tank has had a complete reboot. New sand, new dead rock, new live rock in sump, new lights, new plumbing and a few other things. Basically only the Corals and fish will be coming from the old system (and the bare tank which has been bleached).

So the Spec....

Betta lifespace 90G (340lt) clearseal build.

approx 90lbs of rock

80lbs of crushed coral sand, mix of 3mm, 6mm and 9mm sizes.

BM NAC 3.5 Skimmer

Maxspect Razor 160w 16000k lights

Sicce Voyager 8, 12,000lt powerheads with controller on alternative wave setting

Algae scrubber

Ehiem compact 5000+ return pump

Seachem Purigen in return chamber

Fish and corals (not all back in the tank yet, some are in the temp system in my garage until my Dr Tims arrives).

Scopa's tang
Sand sifting goby
bi colour blenny
6 line wrasse
Long spined urchin
cleaner shrimp
peppermint shrimp
hermit crabs
turbo snails
cerinth snails

Branching monti's
Plating montis
Torch coral
Riccordea mushrooms
other mushrooms
medusa coral

Other stock to come slowly but aiming on keeping the system on the lighter side for fish.

Rock wise I have gone for a very open structure so I can keep the system as free as possible from debris, my sump contains about 35-40% of the rock density as a consequence.

Here's a little taster pic for you all, this was before it got wet again!