To give you a quick background, i live in Okinawa Japan. I've had a tank at one point in time before, somewhere around 8 years ago. When i got to japan, i kind of wanted something to do that wasn't too time consuming but kept me busy over time and wasn't going to pee all over my carpet. So i decided to get a small starter tank as i didn't have a whole lot of money to spend and i have a fear of having the tank break like my parent's 55 gallon did one morning (i live in government housing, replacement costs are high).

So, here's what i got... I've already got some feedback, but more is great from different points of view!

Here is the front view.

Tank F by Dead_Last, on Flickr

You'll see that i have a few decorations for hiding. Not much, but i don't exactly have a lot of room either. You can see that whatever that plant is, is dying. When i got it from the store, they cut the roots off and re-wrapped it in foam and small band to hold everything together. I put it all in that small bowl with premium soil to help keep it planted and to keep the dust from that soil down. (When i first set up the tank i learned that the soil is not appropriate as a gravel alternative.) You can also see part of the Marineland Penguin Bio-Wheel 100B filter. (apparently not enough for adequate filtering)

Left Side

Tank LS by Dead_Last, on Flickr

Here you can see the heater. I forget the wattage (55w?) but it's supposed to keep the water at 26.5*C. It does a pretty good job. You can also see the small air stone as well. I think the amount of bubbles is quite turbulent for such a small tank.

Here's everything that i have. From chemicals to extra pieces.

Everything by Dead_Last, on Flickr

Items from top to bottom listed left to right
TOP: Coarse gravel, flexible bubble curtain, Premium soil substrate
MIDDLE: API Stress Coat+, Tetra AquaSafe, 150W Heater, 6 in 1 Test Strips, starter packs of chlorine remover and AquaSafe
BOTTOM: Bacteria (bacillus subtilis var.natto) varius foods by Hikari, TetraColor, and Tetra Betta (that i used to have)

Tetra Auto power filter AX-30 (JP model)

Bio-Glass Filter by Dead_Last, on Flickr

This filter uses bio-glass as well as carbon and other typical filter medium that you'd find in refilled cartridges.

So if you click on the link above, you'll see that i've made quite a few no-nos. So, i want to upgrade my tank soon. What i have been thinking was about a 30 gallon tank. That'll allow me to add two more neon tetras, three more cory cats, some driftwood, and a few more plants.

My questions are as follows:

What kind of plant do i have? The ends of the branches or stems will close up at night after sundown. I have a CO2 kit that came with the tank, but i never used it. It seemed a bit counter-intuitive to purposely add CO2 to water of a fish tank. I also don't know if i should have bought some liquid fertilizer for the plant. I think that is why it is dying. Stems are breaking in the water from the current of the filter alone.

Would both filters (BW 100B and AX-30) be enough filtration for a 30 gallon?

I don't have a stand for a 30 gallon. I was just going to put it on my counter top, however, that'll add a lot of weight to it. I also fear the tank will break too, so i don't want to put it on carpet either. May just leave it in my kitchen on a stand...

Currently in the tank i have 5 black mollies (2 adult 3 fry), 1 cory cat, 1 Tiger Pleco?, 3 Neon Tetras.

As stated above. I'm looking to get a 30 gallon. Would everything that i have be good to start out that 30 gallon?
Am i missing something?
I want the 30 gallon to be planted as well. (three amazon swords or something that is okay with low light)

However, if i remember correctly a 30 gallon tank would come out to around 5,000 yen when a kit tank would come out to around 6,000 yen i just don't want to waste money with the filters that i already have and just use the one in the kit. Plus, with it being japan, i'm not able to find a website that sells similar kits and be able to read it. I do remember that GEX is a company that is dominant over here.

Any and all feedback is more than welcome!