I've recently moved to Okinawa and had a reinvigoration to get back into Freshwater aquariums. I thought it would be fun and better than having a dog or a cat that could tear up GOV housing. However, trying to read labels and buy things is quite difficult. Everything is in Japanese and little English.

I'm here to get new information on aquariums and things that have changed from when i last kept a 10 gallon tank some 10 years or so ago.

Here is my current setup.


It is about 5 Gallons. The front piece of glass has curved edges. The rear edges are square.

Marineland BioWheel-100 Filter
Preset 26*C heater
Fluorescent Lamp (Not sure what kind)
SilentAire 1200S air pump with a small sphere air stone

1 plant (not sure what it is and it's starting to look brown at the base) in "premium soil"
2 Adult Black Mollies
3 Black Molly fry
1 cory cat
3 Neon Tetras
1 Pleco (not sure specific kind)

I thought i'd just have a small tank for the heck of it but i'm starting to outgrow it.

Any advice would be appreciated if you see something wrong with the setup in the picture.

Just wanted to say hi and learn a few new things.