About a week or so after I posted this I purchased a Bolivian Ram. I was feeling bad about it being alone and steeler1 mentioned possibly having more than one so I did a lot of research to see about getting another one. The more I read the more I found that it's really depends on the personality of the fish. Some people, but very few, have had luck with "force" pairing and others have had luck with them tolerating each other.

I decided to try out a second Bolivian. I have a friend who was willing to take one if it didn't work out. I researched the hell out of sexing Bolivians before I went and bought another. I think I now have a male and a female. The female was the first one that I got. She is definitely miss bossy pants who owns that tank. But she gets along very well with the male. They definitely haven't paired up but I think you could say they're dating. They get together for a little while during the day and hang out and swim together but most of the time they stick to their own side of the tank. Occasionally one chases the other a few inches from their "house." I have a ton of terra cotta pots in there and neither of them use them. They use the 2 pieces of drift wood I have on either end of the tank. So I assume they're okay without the pots.

So I now have 2 Bolivians, 8 Longfin Leopard Danios, 8 Cherry Barbs, and a Bristlenose Pleco.

Onto my new question. I fell in love with a beautiful blue Angelfish. I've been reading up and trying to find people's experiences with tankmates for Angels and have found SO MANY mixed opinions. Sandz also suggested an Angelfish at first, but that of course was before I got the rams. The biggest mix of opinions I've come across is when it comes to keeping Danios with Angels. It's pretty much 50/50 whether or not they work together.

As far as space goes I'm pretty sure I can accomodate Angelfish. It's just a matter of getting along. What do you guys think? Would an Angelfish be happy in my tank? And would one be okay or does it need to be in a group? I've heard mixed ideas about that too. Fish keeping can be so hard sometimes! :P

I have never experienced any troubles whatsoever with any of my fish aside from the occasional mini chase between the 2 rams so I'd say they're quite peaceful tankmates. But who knows I guess when you add a big fish.

Sorry for the novel, I just wanted to make sure I got all my bases covered lol :D