I noticed it says your an Australian native. Since I'm going to turn my new 55 gal. tank into a rainbow tank, I figured you would be the perfect person to ask a few questions. :)

1. In trying to set up something that resembles a realistic enviornment for the rainbows, I find that I am having trouble finding information and pictures of them in the wild. I'm first wondering what kind of gravel or sand would look natural? What size of gravel and what color?

2. Finding an index of plants by region is nearly impossible (or at least I cant find one). Could you tell me of some plants that are native to Australia and New Guinea so I have some basis on what to place in my tank?

3. What are some other "filler" fish I can put in that are from around that region?

4. Anything else you can think of that would help me in making this tank.