Arg. It's my 55g. I'm fairly certain that we've got body fungus on the rainbows and the black skirt tetras - white to grayish cottony stuff on scales. Yay. There have been no new introductions, nothing new at all for months. The only thing that I can detect as a possible stressor was that the bottom of the UV sterilizer fell off when I was using it last, and it ran for about 12 hrs with ultraviolet light shining out of the bottom. Or maybe the darn thing is broken. IDK.

Anyway, I am currently using a Jungle product, Fungus Guard, to treat. What do you all use when this happens? It seems like there were a lot of choices...unfortunately I can't use AQ salt because I have lots of plants and there's too many affected fish to quarantine.

Nobody seems to be in any dire distress thus far, everyone is eating and moving about. Just that puffy stuff (actually looks like whitish slime at some angles). I'd just like to read what everyone has done to treat this.

Thank you!!