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    Default Ich, Agression and Homicidal Danio - wth happened?

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    Ok, bear with me I'm new here. . . this might have been addressed already so forgive me.
    I have a 90gal with 12 zebra danio, 6 pearl danio, 5 glo tetra, 1 black phantom (started with 6), 3 zebra cats and some trumpet snails.

    I developed an outbreak of Ich. . . and it quickly went downhill from there.

    All was well until I added the 6 phantoms. . . within a couple days I noticed ich starting to develop on the glo-tetra, but no signs of anything on the cats, danios or phantoms. I started notching up the temp slowly, and rushed to my local pet store and bought ich-attack, adding it to the water as prescribed.

    The glo-tetra were nearly cleared up when suddenly it looked like my phantoms had been rolling around in an ich patch. HEAD-TO-TOE covered in the stuff within a day. Still, no signs on the cats or danios. I noticed one of the ich infested phantoms was being attacked by a small school of danio. They were nipping at it from all sides until it eventually died. One-by-one the danios would pick out an infested phantom and attack it, chasing it all over the tank and eventually killing off 5 of the 6. They never bothered the tetra.

    4 of the 5 glo-tetra have separated and staked claim to individual areas of the tank and will typically be somewhat passive toward one another except the tetra with a few signs of ich still remaining. They all pick on it, keeping it clear from their specific territories. . . but when I turn off the lights they all school together as if nothing happened. I researched the fish before I bought them, making sure all were peaceful schoolers and lived well in communities. Why are my fish going insane? Is it a possible byproduct of the ich or medication? Is it breeding/water-temp related? Are they just psychotic?

    I want to replace the phantoms once the ich is erradicated (and one or two other species), but I'm hesitant considering the circumstances.

    Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated!

    PS - I've also been looking around for a bright and colorful "show fish" (med/large) to add to the aquarium. Preferrably something that doesn't require a school, simply for space reasons. I've heard more mild-mannered cichlids can be added and can even help promote tighter schools among the tetra and danios. Has anyone had success with this? What type of fish would you recommend?

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    Wow, tough tankmates! The higher water temp raises their metabolism and makes them look like they are crazy. I'm also going thru an ick attack right now (scroll thru my thread in beginner freshwater, "I think BN1 is constipated") for some good advice in treating the ick. I raised my tank temp to 86, will increase to 88 tonight. My rainbows, tetras and scissortails are all schooling together (they are peaceful tankmates). My 8 danios are pretty much keeping to themselves.

    Good luck.
    75 gal - Smudge Spot Cories, Silvertip & Pristella Tetras, Scissortail & Red Tail Rasboras, Pearl Gourami, Black Kuhli Loaches, Whiptail Cats, Wild Caught BNP
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    Ich is such an ugly thing but it's beatable. Up the temp to 86 over a couple of days then leave it there until you see the last sign of ich on any of the fish - may take several days. Once you see no more spots, then leave the heat at 86 for 7 more days. I'd do PWC's every 3 days, keep the water level a little low for top movement and make sure you've got a bubbler going to help increase oxygen in the water.
    I'm not sure, so you should google it but I don't think Ick Attach can be used with heat. If not, make a large water change to get rid of the medication before you increase the heat.
    I'd stay away from salt and any other medications and just use the heat method. Most important is to stick with it and not drop that temp too soon.
    Good luck
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