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    May 2013
    Namibia, Africa

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    Thanks for all your replies!!!

    @ jaysee

    i had a look at all your recommendations.

    Severums - They are beautiful! This site says they will eat other fish half their size, though, so I'm afraid to take the chance...
    Angels - Although I love them, and would love to have them, I have seen one, years ago, suck out a guppy's eye... Would that happen with my cardinals or would they be fast enough? I don't want to stress them.
    Festivum - Looks like a pretty good option! I'll see if I can find them here.
    Chanchito- I am struggling to get info on them. Will do a bit more research.
    Blue Acara - Again, really small fish will be considered as food. I really like them tho!
    Cupids & Keyholes - Pretty pretty pretty!!! Im gonna find out if I can get them here!
    Barbs - I know most barbs are aggressive, But I have heard about one that looks like the tiger barb but is not aggressive. I will find out about it!

    @ talldutchie

    I dont see my coolies enough, that is why I want to switch to a black sand substrate (apparently it calms them) and get more of them to see if I can get them to come out more. I considered clown loaches instead of more coolies, as I absolutely love them, and my local pet shop said that if they get too big for my tank I am welcome to take them back and swop them out with others. I don't know if I will be able to do that tho, since I get very attached to my kritters...

    I will consider keeping my froggies seperate. If I have to choose between the and the shrimp, I will probably choose the froggies. They are tooooo cute! But that is IF I can get them here. And at the moment that is still a big IF...

    Regarding my shoal sizes: I found this site - - and according to that my calculated surface area is 8400cm2 which means I can house 276cm of slender fish, or 168 cm of full bodied fish. How accurate is this? According to that calculation I can house 20 Cardinals, 21 Rummies, and 9 loaches only. I also read something about shoaling fish taking less "space" if I can call it that... If I am calculating it wrong, please enlighten me?

    Loaches currently has quite a bit of cover with varying sized stones, but I am getting bogwood in the new tank as well. I don't like back posters, so I tend to plant the back very densely.

    Regarding the Angels, I will definitely consider them, but see my comment earlier in this post. If that was a fluke and they do not normally do that, I will seriously consider them!

    I am getting my tank this afternoon! It is in bit of a state - algae growing everywhere. I am going to remove ALL the water, but keep the filter wet so the bacteria don't die, and then clean and set it up again on this side. I will probably only add my fish to it in a few days after I have the new sand in and the tank is set up like I want it, so I don't stress them too much. Also the one lid broke, so I will replace that first. I don't want my Kuhlis to jump out the first opportunity they get!

    In the meantime I will start harassing my fish shop about what they can get for me!!! :) I already got a few good ideas from you guys!

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    May 2013
    Namibia, Africa

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    I typed an extensive reply this morning, but now it seems it has gone missing...

    I got my tank today! Yay!!! I am now trying to figure out how the filters and stuff work. The water is in the tank and the filters are in place, so the bacteria wont die.

    Thank you for all your posts! I have a lot to think about now. I will let you know when I make up my mind!

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