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I haven't read your other thread, so I don't know what has been said over there, but you need to get the ammonia down to .25ppm. That means one more 50% water change today. It's ok to put the siphon in the gravel and get some of that gunk out of the tank, just don't stir up a mess, and unless the gravel is very dirty don't do it every day, once or twice a week to keep it a bit cleaner is good enough. It's true you don't want to disturb a cycling tank too much, but when fish are in there, you do need to clean the gravel some.
Yeah, I intend on doing another 50% water change when I get home later. Trust me .5ppm is a damn good improvement from what I was at! I'll keep trying to get it as low as possible! The gravel itself doesn't look dirty at all (and my ghost shrimps to a great job of keeping it mostly clean), but I'll do a light vaccuuming once a week or so.