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  1. Default Zebra Danio back from the dead!

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    About a month or two ago, I came home to find a zebra danio lying at the bottom of the tank, dying, apparently. (A few days before, I had found one dead; I bought these guys about a year and a half ago). Any time I see a fish swimming funny or lying on the bottom of the tank, I fully expect it to be dead by morning.

    The next morning, it was lying on its side perfectly still at the bottom of the tank, so I thought it was dead and went to scoop it out. But to my surprise, it scurried away and went to lie down somewhere else. This happened a few times over the next few days; each time it looked dead and I tried to scoop it out, each time it scurried away from the net and lay down somewhere else.

    It would occasionally swim about in short bursts before lying on the bottom again. I thought it was taking an awfully long time to die. But gradually, over the next few weeks, it began swimming more and more, on its side at first, erratically and with great difficulty. It was still eating although it had a little trouble getting its food. Now it's swimming around all the time, still quite wonky but no longer sideways, and seemingly happy to chase the other danios around. It has a concave, hunchbacked body now and still swims with some kind of disability but it doesn't appear to want to die any time soon.

    What the heck is going on here? In my years of fishkeeping I have never seen one come back from the dead like this. Usually once they are languishing at the bottom of the tank they are goners by next day.

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    I knew they were hardy and resilient fish but this is a pretty amazing story. Teaches us not to give up too easily.

  3. Default

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    Agreed - I probably would have put it out of its misery right away - good thing your instincts (and its feistyness) told you otherwise!

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    Sounds like it may have had a stroke and had to learn to swim again. Just a wild guess - no way to know what happened.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jaysee View Post
    Sounds like it may have had a stroke and had to learn to swim again. Just a wild guess - no way to know what happened.

    Hmm, I never thought of a stroke. Do fish have strokes? I kind of did want it to hurry up and die as it appeared to be suffering, but I don't know how I'd have put it out of its misery. Toilet bowl seems incredibly cruel. Besides, I don't know how the heck I'd catch it. They swim lightning fast at the best of times and I suck at catching fish. Last time I moved I had a friend catch all my fish.

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    Yes, flushing a LIVE fish would be incredibly cruel. You may want to google euthanizing with clove oil as an alternative to end the life of a small fish that is suffering. IME fish that are ill are much easier to net than healthy fish. Try to use a black net, they are more difficult for the fish to see than the blaring bright white ones.

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