As many of you are now aware I've been working on my 10 gallon apisto tank for the past few months. Both my female and male are doing well and seem to have stopped fighting, even occasionally showing off for one another!! I just recently decided to add plants due to outbreaks of algae and problems with nitrates. The plants I chose were water sprite, cryptocoryne wendtiis, red root floaters(courtesy of KevinVA), and when they're shipped next week a small batch of amazon frogbit. I wasn't originally going to get the frogbit or RRF but I've read on plenty of sights that both plants can survive in my light settings. I just today recieved my crypts that took 2 weeks to get here(luckily for me all arrived healthy with new shoots already growing, and even more lucky for me I received 8 plants instead of 3) and I just finished planting them. I, unfortunately, had to remove my apistos and Nerite Snails from the tank as I added another inch of gravel and I did not want to harm them in the process, hopefully they aren't too stressed. With all these changes I might just have to make a journal!!

Now comes my questions. I've been struggling with brown algae in my tank however I've cut down the amount of time the light is on to only about 10 hours. I've only been doing this for a couple days. Does anyone know how else I can rid myself of the algae? I also dosed Flourish for the first time today as my water sprite was doing poorly. Unfortunately I came home to discover my biggest stem covered in brown algae, however all the new growth is even brighter green and grew quite a bit just in this one day.. What should I do? The water sprite is brand new, only about a week old. I have three tiny daughter plants and two larger plants that only have about 4 stems each. I just want to get it so its a nice, thick, forest of water sprite. Also, just thought I might add, my substrate is entirely gravel. I have a root tab under the water sprite and I'm dosing Flourish. Should I add root tabs for the crypts as well?