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  1. Default !0 gal setup basic questions

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    Im not new to aquariums, but ive never used one this small for fish before, so I need some suggestions. I had an african dwarf frog in it for a long time, but it died a couple of years ago, and now I cant stand to have the tank sitting empty any longer. My plan is to have a school of pygmy corys, i'm thinking 6? I'd also like to get some endlers. How many male endlers could i put with the 6 corys? Or is there another colorful fish that would work better? I'd rather have corys and a small school of fish rather than single/pair of fish like a betta or honey gouramis. Also, if i decide to put shrimp in, are RCS or Ghost better, and how many, if any, could i put in?

    For the substrate I'm going to use sand. I'm also going to have java moss and java ferns in the tank. Are these good to have, or would you recommend another kind of plant? Should I be conservative with the plants, or will the corys and endlers like a heavily planted tank? Also what kind of lighting should I use? I've never used live plants before (my oscars wouldn't go for it), so this is the area i really have no idea on. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    For heating, I have a 400W Hydor heater that I used in a 125gal Oscar tank, which i'd like to use, but i have a feeling it's overkill. what do you all think?

    For filtration I have an Aqua-Tech 5-15 power filter. I also have a Whisper In-Tank Filter 3i, which is meant for tanks less than 3 gallons (I used it to just barely circulate the water in my ADF tank). Would there be any advantage to having both of these filters in the tank, or is the Aqua Tech enough?

    I also have an 6ish inch bubble bar (not sure if that's what it's actually called) that I could put in. Would there be a need for this?

    I've always been very good about doing routine water changes. What do you all recommend, weekly 25% water change or something closer to 50%?
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    I went here and put in 6 endlers and 6 cories. It has you as 107 percent overstocked. Of course aqua advisor is only a guide and you can fine tune. I would def suggest at least an aquatech 20 so that you have double the amout of filtration. I think that 400 watt heater would be an eyesore in such a small small tank. The bubler won't hurt at all. Don't squat about shrimp so the experts will help you out there. The sand and plants sound very nice. 50% is what most people here do on pwc. Hope this helps.

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    For a 10gal tank, you could do really small corys but I would advise getting a tiny schooling fish such as neon tetras or glolight tetras - anything larger the fish would be cramped - that's not a big tank & corys like a large "footprint" - meaning length in a tank.

    As rodm81 noted above, it is usually recommended to have enough for double the size of your tank and filters are usually good for HALF what they're rated - which means the aqua tech is really good for 7.5gal and the other filter for even less.

    Agree with getting a smaller heater & a thermometer if you don't already have one - plus, you need a test kit (liquid is best - not test strips).

    From what I've read here, if you are going to get smaller shrimp, you will need to have hiding places for them so they don't become snacks for the fish.

    If your filters break up the surface of the water (especially if they sit on the edge of the tank and return water pours back in), you don't need a bubble bar - that's primarily used to put oxygen in the water or because people like the look of them - in a small tank it might provide too much agitation which some fish don't like.
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    5 gal QT with green corys & 2 guppies

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    I think it is a good idea to read all the stickies in the beginner forum, if nothing more than t be a refresher course on various subjects, and be sure you get that tank cycled first!
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    Depends a bit on the tank shape. If it's nice and rectangular... why not make it a species only for pygmies? And get them to breed?

  6. Default

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    Yeah, it's rectangle shaped. I am considering doing a species only tank. Would a planted tank with natural sand and driftwood be well suited for a school of pygmy corys?
    So every one agrees that I would be better off with a larger filter? I would much rather have more than enough filtration rather than just enough.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kwheeler View Post
    Yeah, it's rectangle shaped. I am considering doing a species only tank. Would a planted tank with natural sand and driftwood be well suited for a school of pygmy corys?
    So every one agrees that I would be better off with a larger filter? I would much rather have more than enough filtration rather than just enough.
    This sounds like a really nice small tank. I have seen the pygmy cories at my LFS and they are darn cute. And yes, your filtration should be for double your tank size - so a filter for a 20 gal is needed. An AquaClear 20 would work well - you can use whatever media you want and they are super easy to maintain. Be sure to cycle the tank and post photos when you're set-up.
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    Endlers or any fancy guppy should be fine in that tank as well.
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    I use an AquaClear 30 (30 gallon) on my 10 gallon tank, and am quite happy with it...even at max flow, it does not buffet the fish around badly... I usually keep it at around 50% flow rate most of the time
    10 Gallon Beginner Tank... Journal

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sandz View Post
    Endlers or any fancy guppy should be fine in that tank as well.
    Would seriously affect fry survival.

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