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  1. Default 20 Gallon Long & 10 Gallon Stocking Ideas

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    Hey everyone,

    I just cleaned up 10 and 20 gallon long tanks. I have looked at and read about many fish and I originally wanted one gold fish for the 20 but I know it would be miserable in there alone. I have toyed with many ideas like shell dwelling cichlids but nothing has really jumped out at me. I would like some color and activity.

    I really like Celestial Pearl Danios, American Flag Fish, Danio erythromicron, White Clouds, Badis, and fancy guppies. I've had two Blue Paradise Gouramis in another tank that I liked but there were some aggression issues and I didnt have any good luck with them because I lost both of them. I also would like to have someone in the tank to help with cleaning.

    For the 10 gallon I am considering splitting the tank and rescuing two Bettas from petsmart but could any other fish be tank mates with them?

    If has anyone ideas on something i'm over looking or a way to stock with the fish I have listed, I would like to hear it.


  2. Default

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    For the 10, it will be a difficulty to have tank mates for the bettas in a split tank. That would be about 25x25cm of room on each side and while that may be ok for a betta, there's not many fish that could live with a betta in this tank space without much stress. True, there a few microfish that can live in this tank size, but you will have to get lucky with betta aggression for this to work. The only thing that might work is shrimp. Though, if you don't split it and have only one betta, you have options. 1 betta, 5 pigmy cory, 5 ember/neon tetras could work if you plant it well enough and meet fish requirements.

    For the 20, fancy guppies and white clouds would be fine, maybe 1 male 2 female guppy & 20 white clouds. One fish that deserves recognition is threadfin rainbows, check them out. There are many options for a 20 gallon long, especially because it is 30 inches compared to 24.

  3. Default

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    I've decided for the 10 gallon to do one betta and six CPDs a may be a shirmp or snail. I'm gonna use organic potting soil and cap it with eco-complete for the following plants, Lilaeopsis braziliensis, Ceratopteris thalictroides, Anubias barteri.

    Is the set up ok?

    Will the 18"-24" version of this light be enough for this tank.

    For the 20 gallon I've decided to do 6 shell dwellers with a bunch of shells and sand because I would prefer not to plant a tank this size since the 10 will be my first planted tank. I read to add a couple Pseudomugil Rainbows to help aggression.

  4. Default 20 Gallon Long & 10 Gallon Stocking Ideas

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    I have the 48''-60'' version on my tank, I have no complaints and it will give you good low-low/med light.
    You just missed a sale on DFS tho, I think they had them for $20 off, you should be able to find them a little cheaper than they are now on amazon.

    To add, make sure your rhizomes aren't buried in the substrate, the roots can be but If the rhizomes are they will rot. Also you really don't need to purchase organic potting soil if you're using eco complete with the plants you listed.

    If you choose to regardless please ensure it is truly organic with no fertilisers in it.
    Last edited by mojosodope; 05-10-2013 at 03:40 AM.

  5. Default Change of Plans

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    Some research has been done and plans have changed and I've decided not to do a planted tank,It will be artificially planted.

    20 Gallon:

    2 Apistogramma Cichlids
    8 Celestial Pearl Danios aka Galaxy Rasboras
    2 Kuhli Loaches

    10 Gallon:
    Pair of Bolivian Rams or Kribensis
    Suggestion on tank mates needed.

    Could a small school of fish be ok in the 10 gallon? (WCMM, Leopard Danio, or Gold Ring Danio)

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    Do not put a pair of kribensis in a 10 gallon! The poor things will kill each other. Speaking from experience the bare minimum for a male/female breeding pair is 20 gallons, and that's 20 gallons all to themselves alone. A single bolivian ram would need at least 20 gallons to swim around as well. Believe me, I've seen a full grown one and they easily exceed the estimated adult sizes I've seen online if properly cared for.

    Why not continue with your betta centerpiece idea and experiment with that? The WCMM are cooler-water fish though and will not be compatible with a betta's warmer temperature requirements. I've had success keeping a betta in a heavily planted 10 gallon with 5 pygmy cories and 3 endlers, but then again I've had bettas that would not even tolerate snails as tankmates so it really is just a matter of luck.

    Hope that helps!

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    What species of dwarf cichlid are you planning for the 20 gallon? Dwarf cichlids aren't exactly famous for aggression, but unless the species chosen is less than 5 cm long at maturity I still would not put celestial pearl danios with them. Kuhli loaches should be kept in schools of 6+ too.

    For the 10 gallon I agree with koaladarshana. Kribs are too big and aggressive, and rams will also outgrow the tank although they are very, very peaceful fish. If you don't put in rams or Kribs and look for a smaller centerpiece fish, or forgo the centerpiece fish altogether, I am pretty sure that White Cloud Mountain minnows would work in a 10 gallon. Danios likely will not because they are borderline hyperactive, but in my experience, white clouds spend a lot of time just hanging around looking pretty

  8. Default

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    Ok this is getting complicated. :-)

    For the 20 gallon I was thinking Apistogramma agassiz or cacatuoides but if they are going to eat the CPDs then can I get some Gardenri Killi Fish or Badis Badis as an alternative with CPDs?

    The reason I'm not doing the betta in the 10 gallon is, I am going to have a separate betta only tank in the foyer due to there need to be alone.

    In the 10 gallon I'm going go with for four Dario Dario in a species only tank with a shrimp or snail.
    Last edited by Sakana; 06-18-2013 at 08:35 AM.

  9. Default

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    I have personally kept Scarlet Badis, CPDs, and Kribensis.

    In the 10, I agree. Either a colony of Scarlet Badis or CPDs. Be warned though, finding females of the Scarlet Badis is a hassle. Distributors rarely ever send females since they are so pale and colorless for the majority. It is also extremely hard in some cases to differ juvie males and females. Having an all male colony will definitely show aggression between the males for territory, etc... They may be small but they are fierce when establishing.

    Personally, a species only for the CPDs would be a great idea and maybe a few cherry shrimp and a snail or two. For me it has worked out great. Both populations have been breeding and I have been able to keep steadily increasing even though both like to eat eggs and small shrimplets. You would also be able to have a larger amount which would definitely bring them out into the open more.

    Kribensis a definite negative for the 10. I had a breeding pair. Individually both were peaceful and I could get them to feed from my hand. When breeding, they would almost kill each other constantly. Aggressive even to their own kind in such a small space.

    Another interesting concept for your 10 could be an endlers paradise. Very small, colorful, active, and could easily multiply to fill the tank plus some. This could even be done in the 20 gallon.

    For the 20 you definitely have some good options if you are thinking community. If you are leaning more towards cichlids and the such can be quite difficult. I recently took down a 20 tall and I had it stocked with 6 Pygmy cories and a breeding colony of 8 Cherry barbs with of course the matching cherry shrimp.

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