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    Default Setting up 2 tanks 30 gallon 100 gallon inspiration needed

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    Hey, im in the early stages of setting up my 2 tanks from being shut down for a few months for personal issues. I have now gotten an apartment and have just filled the tanks with substrate, rocks and logs.
    Plants i don't have any left but i do have a few fishes left that ill pick up in a day or so.

    30 gallon

    SA theme
    Heavily planted
    20-25 Paracheirodon axelrodi or Paracheirodon innesi
    2-3 Apisto (Btaeniata, Cacatuoides or Viejita)
    1 Ancistrus

    100 gallon need ideas here

    SA theme
    Not sure if any plants maybe give ideas
    3-4 Pterophyllum scalare
    3-4 Cleithracara maronii
    8-10 Corydoras mix of paleatus and sterbai
    1 Black ghost (only if i can find cheap quite an expensive fish were i live)

    I also have a question about starting up these tanks. last time i did this 2 years ago i had plants long before the fish arrived, now i don't have any plants so should i wait to get my fish until i have bought some plants to stick into the tanks?
    I have quite a few miles to go to nearest aquarium store so don't want to go just to get a few plants to come back in a few weeks to buy new fish.

    Come with ideas and tips on how i can make my tanks look awsome.
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    Plants before, with fish or after fish, it's up to you. It's easier to plant the tank when the water level is lower. Plants can be introduced into the tank during the cycle without harm so you can usually plant the tank while it's setting up.
    As your aware the tank needs to cycle so adding fish may take some time unless you have a filter from a cycled tank you can add to the new set-up.

    Your lightening wasn't mentioned so picking plants for an S.A. setup would be difficult.

    I would plant first, get it the way you like it, then after the tank is cycled add stock.
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    I have no cycled filter or anything the fish i was able to keep are going in asap to get the cycle going without fish no bacteria to grow.
    plants ill go with what ever i can find in the aquarium store. to expensive for me to order specific plants.
    i was thinking of planting the tanks first before i start the cycle since it should be safer with plants in that eat the toxins that will come with an uncycled tank.

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    Word of warning, you'll be going for a fish-in cycle there.

    During this the fish are put under a lot of stress as the various waste handling bacteria grow. You'll have to be doing a ton of water changes to keep ammonia/nitrite levels really low.

    There's a brilliant sticky on the forums (link below) here regarding how to cycle a tank without fish in, a fishless cycle. It's a faster,easier and you won't be putting any of your stock into stressful and toxic conditions.

    Also worth noting that plants mostly consume the end result of the cycle, nitrate. They won't help with ammonia and nitrite in any way that will be noticeable to the fish.
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    Any way to get a bigger picture?

    Looks like me and you will be in the same boat me with a 125 and you with a hundred .

    I have been looking at pics from all the web to see what can be done.

    Some nice stuff out there.


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    I have been thinking about putting 3-4 swords plant in the back part of the 100 gallon tank and leave it at that. The 30 gallons are probably going to have some low growing plants in in the foreground to cover all of the gravel should look extremely good with the neon tetras or cardinal tetras i plan to have in there. Ill update with some pictures when i got something to update with.

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    I hope you got soft water, everything on your list wants that

    Tank 2... I don't know, seems volatile to me with so little cover. Hope the black ghost isn't going to try and eat cories, it could hurt itself. Mixing cories in these low numbers, I wouldnt. Stick to a single species and get some more.

    Start planting now while the tanks cycle, gives you chance to model it just so before you introduce fish.

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    The corydoras are no problem the 3 paleatus i had wasn't alive today when i went and picked up my fish so i only have 5 sterbai left, this number are going to rise in a few weeks.
    I also got 2 more angelfish since my breeding pair wasn't dead they had just been hiding very good :D

    here's some update on how it looks today. the fish are abit stressed right now but will be fine in a few hours.

    My 2 large angel males and the small female

    The females partner and the corydoras

    A few of the tetras i had, going to go in a few months when i replace them with cardinal tetras.

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    Small update:
    The big Black angelfish has been moved to the 30 gallon tank for a few days needs to cool her temper down kept attack all the others even her mate (i think mate they always keeps toghter same as why i think its a female since i know the yellow one are a male, has spawned with another female and has a giant hump on the head like many angel males gets)

    I don't think it's a very stressed environment since the young pair has started to clean a spawning spot, will probably spawn in the next few hours.

    Also a small question. How long does it take until i can feed more normaly again? now i feed once a day with pretty much 1 flake for each fish just to keep the feeding to a minimum to keep the nitrite spikes in check

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    How can these tanks be cycled after 3 days?...I'm confused.
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