I currently have a T5 4-bulb fixture over my 46bf, but half the fixture has quit on me so I'm left with only 2 working bulbs. The fixture is only a year old too, and was the replacement for another T5 fixture that also died.

I am SO ready to make the move to LED, but there are so many to choose from!! I would like to hear from those of you who have LEDs on your tanks - what brand, pros and cons, and so on.

The tank is planted with mostly crypts plus some vals, so the light requirements are not terribly high. I'm looking at the Marineland Plant LED fixture with timer, as that seems to be the best "bang for the buck." I'm not absolutely sold on it, however - I've read some reviews that weren't very favorable and I've had quite enough of fixtures that quit after a short time.

Unfortunately, I'm not handy with electrical wiring so DIY is not my first choice; if there is a kit with everything I'd need plus detailed instructions I'd consider it, because I'm not totally inept mechanically. Selecting and assembling components on my own would most likely end up badly so it would have to be an all-inclusive kit.

Thanks for any input you may have.