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  1. Default questions about lighting

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    Hello ,

    I am looking at upgrading my lighting on my 220g in wall tank . I have looked at possibly going with led lights . My question is ,not being able to use a "wpg" rule how do I know how much light I will need . I would like to have a lightly planted tank .....
    Any info on this will be appreciated

    . Scott.

  2. #2


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    PAR and PUR are the two things to 'rate' fixtures now.

    If you are going for low tech set up (no co2, light ferts, low light plants)
    then you'll be looking for a fixture that is rated at under 80 PAR

    How long is the tank?
    You'll probably get a better deal for using 2 fixtures vs one giant long one.

    I love my Finnex FugeRay fixture. check those out. I think they have a great price point for the spec's on the fixture.

  3. Default

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    I would like a fixture that would allow me to plant heavily in the future and then let the plants themselves dictate the need for ferts and co2..... my tank is 72" wide so I am thinking probably 2 three foot fixtures and possibly 4 three footers at some point in the future....
    . Scott.

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    You can plant a heavy low light tank and still do well with it.

    light is driver for co2/ferts.
    plants don't dictate anything-they'll take what you give them. if it is too much/too little then you get algae.

  5. Default

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    There are some good 6ft fixtures out there but it all depends on your budget. How deep is your tank tho?

  6. Default

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    I am kinda saying the same thing as the lighting is a fixed variable,once I get the fixture I plan to stick with . The ferts and co2 will follow as needed ....

    The tank is 24" front to back and 30" top to bottom.....the light fixtures I have seen the 3 footers are much more affordable...and I could start with two and add 2 more later
    . Scott.

  7. Default

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    I am still a bit confused about measuring light for led fixtures ...all the ones I have looked at just show " linens" and no other output measurements....
    . Scott.

  8. #8


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    Lighting will be your fixed variable once you buy it-unless you get a dimmable LED fixture.

    but if you plant for co2 and ferts, then get a higher light.

    realize that you'll need the co2/ferts almost right away with the higher light or you'll get substantial algae growth.

    give this a read for how to rate fixtures (lumens mean nothing besides the visible brightness of a light to the human eye. it means nothing for plant growth)

  9. Default

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    Thanks for the link. Very informative . But now I am thinking I may just stick with what I have...
    Currently I have a homemade fixture with 10 26watt cfl bulbs at ya think I could sustain plants with this setup? Or will I have to upgrade light in order to have plants? My biggest concern is the depth of the tank(30") and would like some rather tall plants .
    . Scott.

  10. #10


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    I'm not informed enough to help with the CFL bulbs, their spectrum and PAR values.

    It really boils down to what plants you want to grow. some excel in low lights, others need very high light requirements.

    Hobbs, Goes to 11! both have great low tech set ups with huge it's possible, but you have to be patient-low tech/light means slow growth.

    I think someone posted a good low light plants article/thread to give you more feedback.

    If you are concerned with the depth, then you may have to get a second row of lights.

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