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  1. Default German blue rams breeding 2 less than 2 weeks in

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    Got my GBR's less than 2 weeks ago, they settled in surprisingly quick, eating like oscars on day one and flashing bright blues within just a few days. Today after school I look just before feeding and to my surprise, theyre laying eggs! Well, I hate to say, I would be quite surprised if the eggs were still there tomorrow when I get back from school. Ill Go ahead and ask anyway, anything I can do to save the eggs? I know the parents will guard them, but I have hungry corries and a big, hungrier, pleco... I did intend on breeding these guys eventually but this happed too soon. Other tank mates are, 2 adult angelfish, and 2 silver dollars. Believe it or not, the angelfish do get along in this 55 gallon aquarium, im quite sure theyre both males, and very big, haha (theyve been together for at least 3 years, maybe more than 4). Nobody bothers anybody, if anything, the GBR's are ruling all right now. The only other aquarium I have set up right now is an experimental 2.5 gallon planted tank with ghost shrimp.

    Extra info: Paramaters check out ok, nitrates a little high but not too bad, working on that. Im not new to fishkeeping, or breeding, Ive bred angelfish before but had a dedicated aquarium and was ready for spawns.

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    I have read before that you can remove the eggs and put them in there own tank. Might be worth a try.

    I quote
    This is going to be a very quick crash course. Hope you are ready....
    First, don't let the eggs touch the air. It will kill the eggs. What I would do is submerge a container or bucket big enough to put the driftwood and eggs in without the eggs touching the air. Then, if you don't want to acclimate the eggs, then fill the 10G with water from the 55G, or even just half way and then half fresh water. Then submerge the container in the 10G and remove the driftwood.
    Now what you will want to do is have plenty of current near the eggs. I used a small powerhead on the opposite end of the tank until they hatched, then I removed the powerhead and just used an airstone near the wigglers for added current. And if using a standard filter on the tank, use some scissors and snip out the middle of a sponge large enough to put over the filter intake, that way when they become free-swimming, they won't get sucked up. Or you could get a sponge filter that is operated by an air pump. Either way works.
    Then to help fight fungus, use Hydrogen Peroxide 3%. Use 5ml per 10G. Dose this every morning and every evening. This is probably the best for ridding any fungus. Once the eggs hatch and you have wigglers, then I dose a regular dose of Pimafix (5ml) every 2-3 days til the wigglers are free-swimming, and stop the HP treatment. Don't add HP with the Pimafix. This will keep the wigglers that are still on the bottom safe from fungus.
    Now that the eggs have hatched and you have wigglers, you have about 5-7 days to figure out what you are going to feed them. I noticed that the fry food you purchase in the store is too big for some of them to eat. So what do you feed them? Egg yolk for one thing. Egg yolk is rich in protain and minerals, which will help their immune systems. It contain all of the egg's fat and cholesterol, and almost half of the protein. Take a hard boiled egg, and take a pinch of egg yolk out of it, and add it to a bowel of water and squish it til it's all dissolved. Then take an egg dropper and put in a few drops, and can even spot feed them by squirting a tiny amound near them. Don't worry, even if you can't see the egg yolk when it disperses, they can. You will see them go crazy for it, eating the small particles. Just don't overfeed, as it will cause your water parameters to go sour.
    After about a week to a week and a half, they will be big enough to start eating fry food like Hikari First Bites. It's like a powder. I just dip my finger in the tank, then blot some of the water off and stick my finger in the food so some sticks to the damp finger, then dip my finger back in the tank, and it will all disperse, and the fish will chomp on it.
    If any eggs look like they have fungus, or are solid white, remove them. They are bad. The eggs should be semi-transparent. After day 1, you should be able to see the eyes and the spine in the eggs. They are very small, so you may need to squint, lol. And if you aren't sure if it's good or not, leave it in til you know for sure.
    Not sure how good you are at science, but HP turns to water in about 30 minutes or a little less. So there's nothing to do to remove HP from the tank. And as for the Pimafix, I never did anything to remove it. And after free-swimming, try not to do water changes for the first 4-6 weeks if possible. When I did a 10% PWC with no difference in water temp, it wiped out half the fry or more. At about 4-5 weeks, they will be big enough to withstand water changes. And if you can add snails after they are free-swimming, it will help in removing excess food for you. Also, floating plants will help keep nitrates and phosphates down as well.

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    That sounds like IWA talking lol... Great answer Hardy. THe other method is using meth blue in the tank, you can use something as simple as a cleaned tupperware container with an airstone and meth blue. The only problem is local availability. You need a realy good fish shop to have that around.

    OP - that is a REALLY hardy batch! I really hope you get 50+ out of the eggs if you raise them elsewhere. GBR can take ground flake almost day 3 so its not hard to raise them at all.
    Last edited by Sandz; 05-07-2013 at 02:05 PM.

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    Yea, not sure where I got that, have had it saved on my computer for awhile now

    BTW, my 1000th post! woot woot

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