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    Quote Originally Posted by vafa View Post
    well every body does more water changes than me. should i do more water changes. i was thinking doing 2 water changes of 25% over the weekend. is that good enough?
    water change schedule depends highly on the stock, many keepers of mbunas will do a minimum 75% weekly because they are pushing the stocking limits. i do a 50% because its just easy enough to do, i have figured i can keep my nitrates in good levels with a 20% wc. if you can keep your nitrates under 5ppm or so then you are doing a good schedule. test of course right before the wc.

    other reasons to do a water change are to get rid of poo build up, and replace micro nutrients for plants. it is also a very effective way to combat deises, and infections. in most cases its best to do too much wc than not enough.
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    1. twice a week about 15%
    2. When it stops flowing, about every 3 weeks
    3. Never. I do stir up whatever debris is sitting on the sand
    4. Pruning, at least weekly.

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    50-75% weekly water change. Clean canisters maybe every 6 months. which reminds me I haven't done that in a while. I dont vac my planted tanks but I do hover over my sand every week to pick up poo. Ferts and supplements every other day. Water parameters check once a week before water changes. I change out my light globes once a year If I remember that.
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    1 how often and how much water is removed with your water changes?

    120L: At least 30-50% weekly.
    30L: 60% weekly or 30% twice weekly.

    2 how often do you "clean your filter"?

    120L: Only when I have to. Every 3-4 months.
    30L: Every 3 weeks (or when the flow drops).

    3 how often do you vacuum your gravel?

    120L: Never. I have ADA substrate (planting soil).
    30L: Never. I have ADA substrate (planting soil).

    4 any other maintenance routines

    120L: Plant trimming every two or three weeks. EasyCarbo daily and ProFito weekly. Potassium and Fosfo every 2-3 days.
    30L: Plant trimming every two weeks. Glass cleaning twice a week.
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    50% every other day. 2200 gallons.
    Bare bottoms. all use only hydro sponges. Poop siphon every other day.
    I have a comprehensive disease prevention schedule. Full quarantined room. Nothing gets in that has not spent 90 days in the hold.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vafa View Post
    well every body does more water changes than me. should i do more water changes. i was thinking doing 2 water changes of 25% over the weekend. is that good enough?
    Good enough for what? Everyone is going to have different maintenance routines depending on their setup. YOU really are the only one that can decided what is good enough by checking water parameters and knowing your setup. IMO some do way to much. When you complete water changes and or top off the tank for water evaporation are you using tap water (with chlorine treatment) or RO? It makes a difference. IMO I really think a log is important. Keep track of everything you do to your tank. I plug my data into a spreadsheet and make a graphical chart of it. You can forecast when filter media needs to be rinsed, etc.
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    1. 30-40% weekly
    2. 2 AC110s - each cleaned every 2 weeks, on an alternating schedule (one this week, the other next week)
    3. debris is vacuumed from top of sand weekly, sand is stirred every 6 weeks
    4. filter motor cleaned every 4 weeks, algae removed as needed
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    1 how often and how much water is removed with your water changes?

    discus - daily 90% excluding past few weeks curing a small issue where i changed 0 water for 1 week.
    Normal tanks 25% 3x a week.

    2 how often do you "clean your filter"?

    sponges are wrung out in a bucket every change, hobs are only cleaned when flow is noticably decreased (maybe once a year)

    3 how often do you vacuum your gravel?

    I dont unless I can visably see buildup or gunk that isnt getting taken care of. Most of my fish are either bare bottom (cleaned during w/c), or sand bottom tanks.

    4 any other maintenance routines

    weekly I whipe my tank walls down to eliminate biofilm from my discus tanks. Also all water change devices are sterilized if there is any cross contamination. I have a non-discus python and a discus python for water changes.

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    1 how often and how much water is removed with your water changes?

    Minimum 50% pwc 2-3 times per week

    2 how often do you "clean your filter"?

    Try to alternate rinsing the sponges in tank water for either the canister or HOB every 3-4 weeks

    3 how often do you vacuum your gravel?

    with every pwc, I have a tendency to overfeed.

    4 any other maintenance routines answers for my tank

    seachem flourish one a week, alternate cleaning my canister hoses when the mood strikes which is every other month or so, wipe down the interior glass once a week

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    Default what is your matinence routine?

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    1. I change 80% of the water, about once a month. Used to do weekly changes but haven't in a couple years now.

    2. I run 2 canisters on my tanks - I clean them both every June and December.

    3. I don't ever vacuum the sand.

    4. None really.
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