I have just rehomed the last of my goldfish from my 65. The same couple with the large pond who took my first shubunkin a year ago has now adopted these. I gave away their food, as well.

I've enjoyed my goldies, generally, and they have stayed healthy the whole time I've had them (about three years). Goldies are generally peaceful, non-carnivorous and non-predatory. But they are opportunistic, and have feasted on my glofish and minnows from time to time. Even in my over-filtered 65, they eventually grow too large, requiring more maintenance more frequently.

They should be very happy in their new home.

The 65 remains a coldwater tank, but now I am concentrating on more rosy barbs, more minnows and glofish, and might even try a few killies in the form of American Flag Fish. The tank is more heavily planted, now, with more hiding places and special little sections to stake out for territories.

Of course, I shall continue to enjoy my little dojos, and whether or not to get killies will depend on how safe I learn the weather loaches will likely be in the tank with them.

I still have lots of snails, which I like because they help keep the plants, glass and substrate clean, and because they're a natural part of an aquatic habitat. I also like the different varieties of snails that arrive aboard the new plants I get. Three different kinds, thus far. Makes it interesting.

No more goldies, though. Time to explore new possibilities.

BTW, the new goldie parents have informed me that the first shubbie I rehomed in their pond survived the winter very nicely, and has grown some more. Pond life agrees with him. These folks are enjoying the expanded fish family.